2008 Back Issues


  1. Big Splash for Preventive Health Company
  2. Competition Heats Up in Connecticut
  3. This Academic Medical Center Finds Its Brand Identity
  4. Consumer-Driven Marketing Puts Emphasis on Relationships
  5. New Press Ganey Report Details Physician Perspectives on American Hospitals
  6. Mavericks and Outsiders Vying for (and Winning) a Piece of Your Action


  1. Suburban Pediatric Care Grows
  2. Marketing House Calls
  3. Volunteers and Marketing—A Symbiotic Relationship
    Gray ladies are out— today’s volunteers deliver mail,
    flowers and messages about your hospital
  4. Marketing Implications of Online Quality Scorecards
  5. Your Ad Here: Advertising Your Healthcare Organization on Someone Else’s Web Site
  6. Marketers: Drive the Transparency Trend


  1. Fundraising and Marketing Work Together
  2. Marketing Medical Tourism
  3. Health Literacy and Marketing, Keeping the Language Simple
  4. Eye-Catching Airline Ad Draws Attention to
    Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center
  5. Social Networking Makes Hospital Connections
  6. Dispelling the Myths about Communicating with
    Physicians: Doctors are People Too!


  1. Sex and the Single Hospital
  2. Marketing to New Mothers
  3. When Bad Things Happen, What Do You Say?
  4. Taglines Sum It Up
  5. Cooperating with an Independent Movie Project can Bring Marketing/PR Pluses and Minuses
  6. In Our Sights: The New World of Marketing Infrastructure Integration
  7. Assess Your Organization’s Readiness for Marketing Infrastructure Integration


  1. Catering to the Baby Boom Generation
  2. Shriners Launch First-Ever Branding Campaign
  3. Promoting Carle to the Community
  4. As The Need for Wound Care Grows, So Does the Advertising
  5. Making the Transition to Healthcare Marketing
  6. Taking the First Steps to Becoming More Like Retail Businesses


  1. Planetree Model Delivers Marketing Impact
  2. Wellness Centers Becoming a More Common Part of the Healthcare Continuum
  3. Revisiting Centers of Excellence
  4. WellStar Thrives as Georgia’s Largest Non-Profit Health System
  5. High Deductible, With a Twist
  6. Involving Physicians in Marketing


  1. Marketing Hospice Care Means Education and Sensitivity
  2. Patient Satisfaction and Process Improvement in the ER
  3. Patient Satisfaction Improvement Efforts Click at Emory
  4. Marketing Outpatient Radiology
  5. Cooperative Health Plan Captures Wisconsin Farmer’s Market
  6. Marketing Healthcare Heroes is a Reminder of What Really Matters


  1. Willy Chirino and Humana
  2. Yellow Pages Conundrum
  3. Hospitals Popular, Physicians Moreso
  4. Marketing Children’s Sports Medicine
  5. Electronic Medical Records Slowly Gaining Adoption
  6. Getting the Word Out About Amenities
  7. Carilion Health System Becomes Carilion Clinic
  8. Practice Engagement Strategies for the Employed Physician
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  1. Children’s Hospitals Market Safety Programs
  2. Preferred Provider Organizations Keep on Growing
  3. Special Videos Play an Important Role
  4. The Vasectomy of Basketball
  5. Watch This: Webcasting Surgery
  6. Social Networking Sites: Healthcare Marketing
    Opportunity or Distraction?
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  1. Physician Recruitment—More Sophisticated and The Basics Too
  2. High Rating for Hospital Reality Shows
  3. Pizza Contest Helps Forge Bond with Fire Stations During EMS Week
  4. Alegent Leading the Way to Empowering Patients
  5. Humor Makes Its Point for the Heart Hospital of New Mexico
  6. Healthcare and The Paradox of Change
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  1. You Know Us By Heart
  2. The Power of the Past: Reaping Rewards with Heritage Initiatives
  3. Environmental Sustainability: The Healthcare Marketer’s Role
  4. Marketing Cardiac Outcomes
  5. SHSMD’s “by the numbers” Provides Most Valuable Information
  6. Hospitals Help Familes Find a Place to Stay
  7. What Happened to our Ethics?
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  1. Marketing’s Role in Reducing Inappropriate ER Usage
  2. Promoting Small: Minimally Invasive Surgery Makes Its Mark
  3. Back Pain Marketing Taps into a Most Common Malady
  4. Communicators Help Create “Prepared Patients”
  5. Lessons from the Coffee Shop: Five Reasons Why Training Must Be a Priority




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