2007 Back Issues


  1. New Orleans Hospitals Rewrite Their Marketing Plans
  2. Marketing Your Community Benefit Activities
  3. Return to Profit: Anatomy of Rush’s Remarkable
    Marketing Journey
  4. Physician Recruitment Centralizes in Rochester
  5. Winning With the Only Metric that Counts: Growth


  1. Marketing Women’s Heart Programs
  2. Intense Communications Strategies Surround Tough Health System/Health Plan Negotiations
  3. Communicating Excellence in Stroke Care
  4. Cleveland Clinic Advertises its Lung Transplant Services Nationally
  5. Generation Y Enters the Healthcare Marketplace
  6. Using Early Graphic Design Intervention for Better Marketing Outcomes


  1. The Seasonality of Healthcare Advertising
  2. Communications Strategies for Creating a Smoke Free Hospital Campus
  3. Smoke Free Campuses are Hot in Wisconsin
  4. Direct to Consumer Screenings Attract Enthusiastic Test Takers
  5. St. Mary’s Apostrophe Wanders Home
  6. Farmers’ Markets Serve Hospitals and Communities
  7. Patient and Physician Stress and How That Impacts Patient Satisfaction
  8. Squeezing the Most from Your Event Budget


  1. Marketers Help Hospitals Pursue Patient
    Sidebar—Leapfrog: Safety Messages Resonate With Patients
  2. Ohio State Medical Center’s Transformation
  3. Advertorials Can Explain A Lot
  4. Brand Development at Banner
  5. Moving From “Mind-Share” to “Heart-Share”
  6. Hospital/School Partnership on Healthy Eating an Important Part of Marketing Strategy
  7. It’s Time for a Healthcare Marketing Revolution!


  1. Bayhealth Gets Its Message Across
  2. Retail Continues to Grow in Healthcare Facilities
  3. Using the Customer Experience as a Marketing Tool
  4. Targeting Diabetes
  5. Podcasting and Blogs as Communications Tools
  6. Some Tips on Starting a Pocast or Blog
  7. Conducting Marketing and Public Relations Audits


  1. Move Over Pottery Barn: Hospitals Join Popular Retailers in Welcoming Newcomers
  2. Urgent Care Centers Keep Spreading the Message
  3. Marketing Ancillary Services
  4. Linking Patient Satisfaction, Marketing and Departmental Communication
  5. Marketing Cosmetic Surgery for Men
  6. Making a Difference


  1. Cardiovascular Marketing Changes
  2. Recruitment for Today’s Needs
  3. San Jose Hospitals Help Silicon Valley Residents Choose Healthcare Close to Home
  4. Unusual Direct Mail Piece Announces Partnership
  5. Carefully Consider New Expansion Opportunities
  6. Changing Times Require Changing Tactics for Hospital Marketers


  1. Generous Donor, New Name
  2. Eastern Idaho Confronts Communications Challenges When Physician Owned Hospital Comes into its Market
  3. Kiosks Help Improve Patient Satisfaction
  4. Navigation is a Part of the Healthcare Marketing Equation
  5. Marketers Pursue Elusive Standard of “Pure” ROI
  6. Brand=Experience: What’s Your Brand?


  1. Hospitals Promise Fast Emergency Rooms
  2. Shopping Mall Locations Can Be an Important Part of the Marketing Equation
  3. Hospitals Work at Providing Better Service to Growing Immigrant Populations
  4. Marketing the “Urban” Hospital
  5. Physician Rounding Gives New Meaning to “R&R”


  1. Sleeping Through the Night
  2. Mammography: More Than a Reminder Postcard
  3. Marketing the Largest Not-for-Profit Health System in the State
  4. Pikeville Medical Center Publishes a Newspaper
  5. Freestanding Competitors Impact Bariatric Market
  6. Hospital Pricing in a Time of Transparency


  1. Patient Handbooks Move Beyond the General
  2. The Corporate Annual Report: No Need to Reinvent the Wheel— Just Redirect It, Perhaps
  3. Why Do Doctors Live Here?
  4. Marketing Rehabilitation Services
  5. Promoting HIPAA to Employees
  6. Hospitals Get the Word Out About Private Rooms
  7. Let’s Go Shopping for Surgery!


  1. Communications Challenges of New Construction
  2. Television Advertising: Changes on the Horizon?
  3. Rolling Out Your New Campaign to an Internal Audience
  4. Selling Outpatient Services to Referring Doctors
  5. Please Hold: Telephone Courtesy, On-Hold Recordings, and Marketing
  6. “Plus Ca Change”—Change as a Constant in Consumer-Provider Relations




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