2005 Back Issues


  1. Healthcare Lodgings Provide Care for Recuperation, Family Respite
  2. Helping Consumers Who Suffer From Incontinence
  3. Marketing a Challenger Brand
  4. Marketing Your Services to the Employer Community
  5. First Impressions Key to Marketing Equation
  6. Gazing Into the Future—13 Trends That Will Impact Healthcare Marketing Professional


  1. Freestanding Rapid Care Clinics Manned by Nurse Practitioners May be a Coming Trend
  2. Successful Marketers Make Time to Market Marketing
  3. Is CAM a Viable Market Niche for Hospitals?
  4. Involving Marketers in Facility Design
  5. Marketing Pay for Performance and Quality


  1. It’s All About the Human Body and the Shopping Mall
  2. Marketing Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery
  3. Correlating Your Media Exposure to Your Market Position
  4. CON Disputes Aimed at Swaying Decision-Makers, Community
  5. Gauging Faculty Alignment in an Academic Medical Center
  6. Pursuing Innovative Revenue Growth Strategies: “The best defense is a good offense”


  1. Creating an Innovation Culture at Memorial Health System in South Bend
  2. Mercy Freedom Program Differentiates in Competitive Market
  3. Assessing Consumers’ Perception of Healthcare
  4. Hospitals Revisit Visiting Hours
  5. The Community As Owners
  6. Working Together: Hospital Partnerships
  7. The Key to Effective Internal Communications: It’s the Manager!


  1. Marketing Mental Health Programs Today
  2. Pro Bono Assistance May Have Hidden Cost
  3. PPO Marketing Shifting to Include Direct Consumer Marketing
  4. Marketing Robots: Surgical and Otherwise
  5. Aetna and the Financial Planning Association Build a Web Site
  6. Marketing & Toddlers - Two Peas in a Pod?


  1. Music and Imagery Make Pro Health’s “I have a Reason to Live” Campaign
  2. Marketing Diabetes Programs
  3. Reaching and Maintaining a Culture of Patient and Family
  4. Approaches to Corporate Branding Take Different Routes
  5. Using Analogies to Advertise Serious Subjects to Consumers




  1. This Tagline is Working Well at Grinnell
  2. Direct Mail Keeps Up With the Times
  3. Campus Cleanliness and Healthcare Marketing
  4. Interactive Sites Give Patients New Tools to Manage Health
  5. Lessons From the Amazon


  1. Continued Focus on Staff Recruitment Important
  2. Reality TV Comes to Healthcare
  3. Promoting Automated External Defibrillator Key For Allina’s Heart Safe Communities Initiative
  4. The Business of Parenting
  5. Selling to the Black Hat


  1. Mary Free Bed Changes Name and Moves Toward Higher Community Visibility
  2. Kaiser Permanente is All About Thrive
  3. Spine Centers Gather Back and Neck Care Resources
  4. Advanced Degree Gives Marketers with Management Aspirations an Advantage
  5. Keytags in Healthcare?
  6. A Neat Campaign from Sinai Hospital in Baltimore
  7. Managing a Crisis Before the Crisis


  1. Cancer Still a Most Important Service Line to Market
  2. Reaching the Corporate Higher-Ups for Executive Health Programs
  3. New Statistics Released on Trends in Hospital Demand
  4. Providing First Aid at Events Its Own Niche
  5. Integrating Public Radio into a Marketing Plan
  6. If You Build It, They Won’t Necessarily Come: The Case for Customer Relationship Management in Healthcare


  1. Health Journals Provide Unique Marketing Tool
  2. Redesigned and New: Emergency Services Market Messages of Care, High Technology and Patient Satisfaction
  3. Annual Reports as Part of the Marketing Plan
  4. Employee Seminars Create Buy-in for Strategic Initiatives
  5. Marketing Pain Clinics
  6. This Retail Store an Important Part of Internal Brand Marketing
  7. Marketing to Women Means Understanding How They Make Healthcare Decisions


  1. We See Life Ahead Campaign Breaks Through in Philadelphia
  2. Public Hospitals Expand Marketing Efforts
  3. The Inside/Outside Nature of Group Practice Marketing
  4. Mural Brings Healthcare Image to Life
  5. Marketing Parkinsonís Treatment at Georgetown
  6. Trinityís Clinics Assist Workers In-House and Onsite
  7. Marketing Supports the Support Groups
  8. PR Primer: Using Outcomes Data to Your Best Advantage





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