2004 Back Issues


  1. Communicating Integration at IHC 
  2. Positioning Cancer Services Within Hospitals/Health Systems
  3. Marketing Outpatient Wound Care Centers Can Be a Multi-Edged Process
  4. Hospitals Get Involved in Blood Drives 
  5. Marketing Childhood Obesity Programs 
  6. One Marketer’s Planning Strategy: Twiddling My Thumbs


  1. Marketing After the Separation 
  2. Hospitals Celebrate Their Own Anniversaries 
  3. Obtaining Key Patient Satisfaction Information Right From the Bedside
  4. Internet Synergy at Baylor 
  5. Marketing and the Finance Challenge 
  6. Marketing Needs a New Focus


  1. A Different Retail Concept Comes into Healthcare
  2. Beyond Prostate Screenings: Getting Men into the System
  3. Media Relations: Working with Your Doctors
  4. Data Tools Offer One-to-One Options for Reaching Consumers
  5. Employee Appreciation—A Different Perspective


  1. Outpatient Imaging Centers Taking Off
  2. Marketers Deliver Quality Message
  3. Marketing Pediatric Urgent Care
  4. Women’s Heart Advantage Changing Attitudes Fast in Connecticut
  5. Creating a Noticeable “Washing Hands” Campaign
  6. The Last in Line: Why Healthcare Needs to Embrace the Power of Design


  1. Gearing Up for a First Ever Major Marketing Effort
  2. Reverse Branding Works for Detroit Medical Center Outpatient Facilities
  3. Buying Web Content
  4. Hospices Market Service
  5. Information Therapy and the Healthcare Marketer
  6. Back to the Future: Revisiting the Health Belief Model and its Continuing Relevance to Healthcare Marketing


  1. Repositioning: A Careful, Well-Thought Out Process
  2. Let’s Talk About Healthcare Costs and What We’re Going to do About Them
  3. Cutting the Cost of Media Buying
  4. Open Enrollment and Hospital Marketing
  5. Bone Density Testing
  6. Push the Right Buttons to Build Your Brand from Within


  1. Baptist Health South Florida Uses Workplace Rating in Its Marketing Effort
  2. What’s Going on in Buffalo?
  3. Open Access Brings External and Internal Communications Challenges
  4. Marketing Vascular Surgery
  5. Market for Medicare HMO’s Looking Up
  6. Service Line Prioritization: Spreading Marketing Dollars Effectively


  1. Marketing Your Nurse Magnet Designation
  2. Making Life Easier for your Patients and their Families
  3. Marketing Pulmonary Services—COPD/Emphysema
  4. Online Tactics Streamline Media Relations
  5. The Marketing Challenge of Immigrant Audiences


  1. Getting to the Heart of the Matter
  2. Strokes and Epilepsy: Marketing Neuroscience Centers
  3. Idea Generation and Implementation Key to Improving Patient and Employee Satisfaction at the Cleveland Clinic
  4. Healthcare Sales: Relationship Marketing at Its Best
  5. From Unfocused to Targeted Marketer: A Personal Odyssey


  1. Marketing and Fund Raising Work to Support Each Other
  2. Marketing Heats Up for Low Cost Health Insurance
  3. Establishing the Brand at Princeton
  4. Wellness Event Moves Beyond Stereotypes to Reach Women
  5. Marketing TRICARE, the Military Health Plan
  6. What’s the Offer: Proven Methods to Generate Response from Your Market


  1. Quiet—It Really is a Marketing Issue
  2. Weight Management Programs Still Healthy
  3. St. Mary’s in San Francisco Builds ER Volume with 30 Minute Guarantee
  4. Internal Communications Remains Challenging Despite Technology
  5. Television Campaign Makes Voiceless Impact
  6. Market Research, Branding and the Strategic Plan


  1. There Maybe Important Growth Opportunities in Sleep Disorders Centers
  2. Convincing Patients to Stay in Brooklyn
  3. Research Link Adds Luster to Healthcare Image
  4. Challenges Confront Rural Hospital Marketers
  5. Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals Works on a Consistent Message
  6. Does Marketing Stop at the Door of Your Hospital?





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