2003 Back Issues


  1. Not the Only Game in Town: Children's Hospitals Find Competition in a Variety of Settings
  2. Marketing Maternity Services to Twenty-Somethings and Beyond 
  3. Mystery Shopping Continues to Make Inroads into Healthcare 
  4. Recognizing the Champions in the Lives of Cancer Survivors 
  5. Budget Cuts? Outsmart When You Can't Outspend


  1. Repackaged Wellness Programs Draw New Participants
  2. Going Private and Regional in Carson City
  3. Exploding Malpractice Rates and Their Relation to Hospital/ Health System Strategy
  4. Reaching Seniors Through the Web
  5. Let’s Remember Who We’re Trying to Reach


  1. It's All Academic 
  2. Scenario Planning Isn't a Science Fiction Exercise
  3. Public Hospitals Work to Appeal to Private Pay Audience
  4. The Coming Storm: Getting in Front of the Health Insurance Crisis
  5. Update on HIPAA: Impact on Healthcare Marketing
  6. Selling Healthcare in Alternat


  1. Sioux Valley Hospital Faces New Heart Hospital in Town
  2. Webcasting Surgery 
  3. Moving From Healthcare Marketing to Workforce Development 
  4. Paring the Pounds: Making Bariatric Surgery Pay Off 
  5. Healthcare Can Learn From the Aviation Industry


  1. Marketing the Group Experience
  2. Need a Volunteer: Ask Marketing
  3. The Motion Picture and Television Industry in Southern California: Taking Care of its Own
  4. Overcoming Confusion in Medical News Coverage
  5. It's Mighty Med to the Rescue
  6. The Neglected Strategy: Internal Marketing Alignment


  1. Marketing Rehabilitation Hospitals 
  2. Competition, Merger and Competition in Manchester 
  3. Hospitalists Gain as a Clinical and Strategic Opportunity 
  4. Pushing High Tech: Marketing Technology is about More Than Gadgets
  5. Bigger Isn't Always Better


  1. Stroke Marketing Designed to Save Lives, Generate Business 
  2. Vanderbilt Rises to the Top 
  3. Marketing Prostate Screening 
  4. Hospitals Balance Cost, Technology, Esthetics in Renovation and New Construction 
  5. Memorial Care Creates Winning Relationship with Anaheim Angels in World Championship Year
  6. It's the Money


  1. Sutter Health Emerges as Northern California Powerhouse 
  2. Plastic Surgery and the Recession 
  3. Marketing the Nation's First Depression Center 
  4. Let Your Fingers Do the Walking: Evaluating an Old Technology to See If It Still Works
  5. C-Sections, Pain and More Up for Discussion in Childbirth Communications Strategies
  6. How to Shorten Your Community Relations "To-Do" List


  1. Humor in Healthcare Advertising Can Work Under Certain Circumstances 
  2. Marketing Non-Invasive Procedures for Brain Tumors 
  3. It's National Observance Day, Week or Month 
  4. New Guns in Town: Specialty Hospitals Make Non-Profits Take Notice 
  5. I'll Ask The Questions If You Don't Mind


  1. Hospitals/Health Systems Getting Involved in Non-Smoking Advertising Campaigns
  2. New Jersey Hospitals Slug It Out With Philly, Big Apple 
  3. Improving Operations Delivers Marketing Clout 
  4. Revisiting Focus Groups 
  5. Analytics Build Marketer’s Credibility


  1. Calendars Form Important Piece of Marketing Communications 
  2. Web Site/Home Page Engage the User 
  3. Membership Program for Life Flight Flying High 
  4. Cardiac Marketing and the Drug-Coated Stent 
  5. Apple “Core” Forms Key Imagery in this Award Winning Employee Communications Campaign
  6. The Power of Print—Make Sure Your Publication Program Gets Results


  1. Faith-Based Organizations Use Marketing to Make a Spiritual Statement
  2. Nursing Shortage Continues to be a Focus of
  3. Teaching the Community to Eat Right 
  4. We’re Large. We’re Old and Established. We’re a Super Community Hospital 
  5. Oxford’s Disease Management Programs Benefit its Marketing Position
  6. Lessons Learned? Why Healthcare Sales is More Important Than Ever





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