2002 Back Issues


  1. Physician Referral and Health Information Services Mature, Change With the Times
  2. St. Marys Promotes Spirituality With "A Higher Standard"
  3. Finding Participants for Clinical Trials
  4. Marketing Budgets, Department Functions and Other Intriguing Statistics
  5. The Role of Marketing in Addressing Healthcare Shortage: Lending a Hand
  6. Oxford Recovers From Customer Service Nadir


  1. Real People in Healthcare Advertising
  2. Helping Staff and Physicians Improve Communications With Patients and Their Families
  3. Finding Corporate Sponsors
  4. Measuring Returns: How to Calculate ROI on Web Sites
  5. Network Development: Generating Referrals While Providing Seamless Care


  1. Battle Over Hospital Choice Gains High Profile in Atlanta
  2. Complementary Medicine Is Almost Mainstream
  3. SIDS Campaign Bring Awareness and Stimulates Region Wide Effort
  4. Internet Expands Options for Second Opinions
  5. Publicity vs. Public Relations: Getting One While Doing the Other


  1. Marketing After the Dissolution
  2. Sports Medicine Clinics Target the Fit and Healthy
  3. Across the Border, Overcoming Natural, Man-Made Barriers
  4. Surprises and Careful Marketing Characterize Tulane Transplantation Program
  5. Surging Costs and Shrinking Budgets: Healthcare Inflation Is Back


  1. Is There Anything Else I Can Do for You?
  2. Getting Organized: Working With Unions After They've Marketed Against You
  3. Is Healthcare Ready for Branding 301?
  4. Marketing for Body Scans Heats Up Amidst Controversy
  5. Selecting a Patient Satisfaction Vendor: A Roadmap


  1. Shepherd Center Faces Tough Marketing Challenges Every Day
  2. Marketing Expanded Emergency Services
  3. Mall Walking Programs: Solid Community Relations, But Need to Be Carefully Managed
  4. Marketers Help Resolve Technology Debates
  5. Hitting The Right Nerve


  1. Newcomer Campaigns Hit Home
  2. Independent Living: Gateway to the Healthcare Continuum, But Marketed Much Differently
  3. Small Stones Make Big Waves
  4. Defining the Future: Are Defined Contribution Plans Here to Stay?
  5. Is Your Healthcare Organization a Good Candidate for CRM?


  1. Marketing Your Doctors to the Community
  2. Women's Heart Advantage Rolls Out
  3. Local E-Mail Newsletter to Pregnant Moms Improves Patient Satisfaction
  4. Health Quality Organizations Work to Create Empowered Consumers
  5. Selling Fresh Creative in Healthcare


  1. Healthcare Organizations Working Hard on Reducing Their Nursing Vacancies
  2. Getting Hit On: Marketing Your Web Site Requires Low- and High-Tech
  3. Reconfiguring the Bill at Emory Challenges Marketing Team
  4. How Do You Say Stereotactic Biopsy in Chinese
  5. Beyond the Chaos: Some Physicians are Transforming Ambulatory Care to the Satisfaction of Patients


  1. In Denver, Is It Really an Emergency?
  2. Marketing Planetree
  3. Forging the Right Customer Service Attitude
  4. Marketing to Caregivers: Children as Conduits to Elderly Parents
  5. How Does Healthcare Marketing Differ From Marketing in Other Industries You've Encountered?


  1. Physicians Directories Evolving in Design, Choice of Media and Strategic Positioning - Take Care When Putting Together Internet Physician Directory
  2. Anatomy of "Believe in Blue"
  3. Freeing Up the Beds
  4. Centers of Excellence Revisited
  5. Physicians Recruitment: Center Stage in Organizational Growth Strategies


  1. Constant Communication Needed to Promote Organ Donation
  2. Dress Codes, Uniforms and Patient Satisfaction
  3. Logo Redesigns Worth the Time and Effort?
  4. Weill Cornell Physician Marketing Targets Referral Relationships
  5. Affinity Program Works for the Post Acute Care Continuum
  6. You Want How Much? How to Negotiate Just About Anything
  7. Index of Articles for 2002





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