2001 Back Issues


  1. Tighter Budgets, Redirected and More Strategic Marketing on Tap for 2001
  2. Education Key to the Successful Marketing of Pain Centers
  3. Breaking Up is Hard To Do
  4. Making Sense of the Billing Process Is Indeed a Marketing/Public Relations Issue
  5. Marketing Budgets for CFOs
  6. Live Music in the Waiting Areas, Hallways, Cafeteria and Patient Rooms


  1. Women's Heart Centers Focus on Prevention, Education and Screenings
  2. It's P.D. Parrot to the Rescue
  3. Marketing Eating Disorders Centers
  4. The Power of Privity
  5. Looking for Generation Y


  1. Do the Eyes Have It?
  2. Children's Specialty Hospitals for Chronic Illnesses and Rehabilitation Carve Out Niche in the Marketplace
  3. It Took Both Bricks and a Culture Shift to Bring This Hospital's Customer Satisfaction Scores Up
  4. A New Market Opportunity for Weight Loss Centers: Attracting the Moderately Overweight
  5. Connecting Media With Your Front-Line Experts


  1. Cancer Marketing: Image, Product Specific or Both
  2. In-House Advertising or Outside Agency?
  3. There are Marketing Issues for Clinics and Referral Networks Providing Free Healthcare
  4. New Technologies Illuminates Ethical Dilemmas
  5. The Virtual Hospital: Maximizing the Return on Your Internet Investment


  1. Letting the Cameras in With No Editorial Control Has Its Risks and Rewards
  2. Continuing Care Until the Very End
  3. Importance of LDRP Rooms Fades in Childbirth Decisions
  4. Can We All Get Along?
  5. Hospital Marketing From the Inside Revisited


  1. The Marketing for Hip and Knee Replacements Just Keeps Growing
  2. How Hospitals Publicize Their Quality Awards
  3. Old Age Opportunity: Adding Geriatric Psychiatric Services
  4. And the Winning Name Is: St. Peter=s Health Care Services
  5. Reducing Wait Time for Appointments Pays Off in Patient Satisfaction
  6. Can Trust Be Marketed?


  1. New Services for Newborns
  2. MD Anderson Cancer Center Runs at Capacity - Now
  3. The Grocery Store and Religious Organization Indexes Were Major Factors in Understanding Need for Change at This Medical Center
  4. New Technology and Evolving Marketplace Change Healthcare Market Research
  5. User-Friendly Healthcare for the Elderly Pays Off for Patients, Care Givers and Providers




  1. Mobile Vans Bring the Hospital to the Community
  2. Marketing to Women Broadens to Include 'Silent Generation'
  3. Swallowing a New Specialty: Heartburn Centers Take Advantage of Physicians, New Technology
  4. Addiction Treatment Centers Don=t Market the Way They Used To
  5. Speaking From the Heart
  6. Marketing Testing: Avoid Common Traps


  1. Children's Health Museums Educate, Inform and Gain Valuable Exposure for Sponsoring Hospitals
  2. Why Market Mammography When It Loses Money
  3. No Room at the Inn?
  4. Promoting Colo-Rectal Cancer Screening Can Be Quite a Challenge
  5. Employers-The Untapped Market


  1. A Snapshot Look at Healthcare Marketing in Three Cities
  2. Art and Soul Program Brings Smiles to Patients, Staff and Families
  3. Turning Your Grand Opening Into a Media Event
  4. Alliance for Healthcare Strategy & Marketing Ceases Operations
  5. Health Plans Turn Their Attention to Minority Marketing
  6. Food Service Improvements and Other Initiatives Lead to Marketshare Gains for St. Joseph Health Center/Hospital West
  7. Marketing's Role in Facilities Planning


  1. All About Signage and Wayfinding
  2. Setting the Record Straight: Healthcare and the Entertainment Industry
  3. Regional Collaboration Expands Pediatric Offerings at Middletown
  4. Government Relations Turns Up the Volume
  5. The Internet Emerges as a Media Relations Tool for Celebrity
  6. HIPAA Privacy Regulations Can Guide, Strengthen Marketing Effort


  1. Experts Embrace Wellness as Marketing Theme
  2. Rehabilitation Center Regains Brand Strength Through Art, Journals and Outreach
  3. Diabetes Marketing Today Involves a Cardiovascular Link, Patient and Provider Education Strategies and Consumer Marketing
  4. Marketing to Physicians: Bringing Doctors Back Into the Fold
  5. Permission-Based Distribution Lists: An Essential Element of E-Mail Marketing





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