2000 Back Issues


  1. Strong Photos, Light, But Relevant Copy and Understanding of Target Market All Key to Success of the Newspaper Insert
  2. Corporate America Embraces Healthcare Quality
  3. Centers for Excellence Concept Expands to Vascular Diseases
  4. Healthcare Systemsí Conundrum: How to Market Spiritual Counseling
  5. Turning Employed Physicians into Partners


  1. In Wake of AHERF Bankruptcy, Marketers Help Revive Pennsylvania Hospitals
  2. Rethinking Alzheimerís
  3. Columbia/HCA Has Gone Smaller and Refocused on Local Decision-Making
  4. We Donít Sell Here . . . This is Healthcare
  5. Wellstar Health System Leaves the PROMINA Health System


  1. An Emerging Role for Hospitals in Managing Asthma in the Inner City Through Direct Action and Collaboration
  2. Avoiding Mistakes in Strategic Planning
  3. The Risks and Rewards of Using Celebrity Endorsers
  4. The State of the State of Oregon: Marketers Weight Pluses, Minuses
  5. Branding and Marketing the Primary Care Practice a Key Challenge for Hospitals and Health Systems


  1. Group Practices Upscale the Marketing Function
  2. Doom and Gloom or an Exciting Time: Home Care Agencies Cope With Changes
  3. Miami Valley Develops Rapid-Fire Patient Satisfaction Delivery System
  4. Blazing Healthcareís Trail on the Wild Wild Web
  5. Marketingís New Essential Role at the Executive Table


  1. Hospitals Want to Help Patients Count Fewer Sheep
  2. Border Hospitals Mining Canadian Patients
  3. Could Radiology Be the Next Center of Excellence
  4. Changing the Language We Use in Our Breast Cancer Marketing
  5. Capturing Creativity and Flexibility Through Consulting
  6. American Wholehealth Zooms Ahead on Two Fronts


  1. Tapping the Asymptomatic Patient
  2. When Newsletters Are Not Enough: Using Non-Traditional Publications
  3. Interpretation Strategy is Fast Becoming a Marketing Issue in Todayís Multi-Ethnic Society
  4. Move Over 4Ps, Here Comes the 4Rs
  5. Preparing for E-volution
  6. Who Pays? Who Decides?: The Role of the Healthcare Marketer in the Debate Over CAM Coverage


  1. Urgent Care Centers Meet Consumers Need for Fast Service
  2. Rural Hospitals Shape Marketing Strategy in Adapting to Suburban Growth
  3. Chest Pain ERs Can Bring a Market Advantage and Save Lives
  4. Good Deeds Equal Good Publicity
  5. Dullness, Money and Sex: Baby Boomers Enter Their High Healthcare Consumption Years


  1. Run Properly and Carefully Marketed, Epilepsy Centers Can Be Important for Certain Types of Healthcare Organizations
  2. Rapid Response a Focal Point for Todayís Expanding Occupational Health Marketplace
  3. Listening, Delivering Key to Successful Womenís Health Centers
  4. Catholic Healthcare West Grows Quietly
  5. Donít Ignore Support Staff: A Personal Perspective on Customer Satisfaction


  1. Shopping Mall to Medical Mall: A Catalyst for Neighborhood Change
  2. Iíll Have That Out for You by Five: Outpatient Surgery
  3. BlueCross BlueShield Continues to Build Its Brand
  4. Changing the Culture at Holy Cross
  5. Opportunities We Canít Refuse or Can We?


  1. Enlightening the Populous
  2. Itís the Great Fat Fight
  3. Patient Handbooks: Information for Patients and Families a Key Part of the Marketing Continuum
  4. When a Hospital Needs to Jettison a Unit
  5. Marketingís Role in Reducing Medical Errors by Reengineering Organizational Mind-Sets and Culture


  1. Southern California Moves Through Changes in Turbulent Market
  2. Art Can Make a Big Difference in Patient Satisfaction
  3. Web Sites Aim to Change Sales, Promotion of Health Plans
  4. Heart Scans May Ease Patient Concerns and Add Something to the Bottom Line as Well
  5. Northwestern Memorial Arranges Discounted Hotel Stays for Patients and Family Members
  6. Keys to Making It AHappen@ for Providers (Part One)


  1. Senior Membership Plans Gear Up for Babyboomers
  2. Bloodless Medicine Programs Coming Into Vogue and Not Just for Jehovah's Witnesses
  3. Marketing Osteopathic Hospitals Can Be Challenging
  4. Retail Pharmacies Elbowing Into Health Screening Business
  5. The Keys to Making It AHappen@ for Providers (Part Two)
  6. Direct Marketing Extends Appeal to Reach Doctors, Nurses





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