1999 Back Issues


  1. Freestanding or Not: Childrenís Hospital Marketing Can Be a Challenge
  2. Economic Impact Report Can Improve Marketing Position With Certain Constituencies
  3. System Branding Has Been a Challenge for the PROMINA Health System
  4. Event Sponsorship Paves the Way as Cleveland Clinic Expands in Florida
  5. Product Line Planning -- The Sequel


  1. Establishing a Health Ministry Can Be a Key Element of Your Community Outreach Activities
  2. Hospitals Restructure Attitude and Action in Marketing to the Hispanic Community
  3. Hospitalists Emerge as New Force that Requires Keen Attention to Marketing
  4. Need to Improve Patient Satisfaction: Work on Employee Satisfaction First
  5. Disclaimers Protect Web Efforts
  6. Prove It or Lose It!


  1. Organ Procurement Organizations Want the Public to Know Whatís Fair
  2. Maternity Services Are Still Key Components for Many Hospital Bottom Lines
  3. Medicare HMO Crisis Could Have Long-Term Impact on Medical Marketing
  4. Obtain Patient Consent Before Mining Data
  5. Note From the Editor -- Reflections From the Hospital Bed and Beyond


  1. Healthcare Systems Restructuring for Profit and Survival
  2. Award Winning Campaign Evokes Larger Than Life Image for Spohn
  3. Memorialís Medical Information and Access Card Provides Value for Those Who Choose to Carry It
  4. Talking to Docs: Hospital-Physician Communications
  5. PPOs Emerge as Dominant Form of Managed Care
  6. We Need to Spend More Time "Thinking Strawberries"


  1. Building a New Hospital Provides Good Opportunity to Implement Consumer Feedback
  2. Assisted Living Gets More Competitive
  3. Using Television Programming to Market Your Organization Can Resonate With Consumers
  4. Television and Internet Becoming Intertwined
  5. Rethinking the Scope of Market Research
  6. Media Training Helps Deliver Complex Messages


  1. Hospitals Gear Up Marketing Campaigns as More Men Take Charge of Their Healthcare
  2. Cancer Care Increasingly Competitive
  3. Emoryís Relationship With Delta Airlines Deepens and Flourishes
  4. Meeting the Growth Challenge: Finding New Ideas to Help Drive Revenue
  5. Ancient Spiritual and Meditation Design May Have Marketing Overtones for Todayís Healthcare Facilities


  1. Emergency Services Marketing is Important Admissions Driver in Todayís Hospitals
  2. Big Events: Health Days as Marketing Tools
  3. Mercy Mall Combines Healthcare Services, Retail Approach
  4. Marketers Get Involved With Nurse Recruitment Advertising
  5. Letís Change the Name and Then Letís Do It Again
  6. Maybe DTC Needs a Good Provider Partner


  1. Social Marketing May Play Important Role in Tomorrowís Healthcare Marketing Environment
  2. Thriving Nurse Triage Programs Have Strong Link to Strategy
  3. Centers for Disease Control Works to Enlist Providers in Flu Campaign for Diabetics
  4. VHA Embarks on a National Branding Effort, But With a Twist
  5. Kaiser, Group Health Alliance Produces Mixed Results
  6. Not Just Another Day at Work: Baystate Medical Centerís Response to the Jahn Foundry Explosion


  1. Hospitals Try "Marketing Within the Four Walls"
  2. Marketing Savvy Marks Froedtert Growth
  3. A Mixed Verdict on Global Capitation is Now In
  4. Bermuda Cruise Makes Big Splash for JOSLIN Center in Connecticut
  5. The Basic Techniques Behind Those Mega-Trendy Marketing Buzz Words. And Why You Must Fight to Get Them Implemented


  1. Triple Bypasses and Low Fat Cooking Classes: A Look at Todayís Cardiac Care Marketing
  2. Cutting to the Core Message is Key Theme in Minimally Invasive Surgery Marketing
  3. Allina Reconfigures its Brand Structure to Reflect New Realities
  4. Relationships, Service Offerings Key to Successful Sports Medicine Marketing
  5. Award-Winning Web Site an Integral Part of Image Building Campaign for Brenner Childrenís
  6. Orange Coast Memorial Medical Centerís Ambassadors Program Gives New Doctors the Royal Treatment


  1. Seniors to Impact Healthcare Marketing in 21st Century
  2. Promoting CHIP to the Uninsured Can be a Multi-layered Collaborative Task
  3. Really Listening to the Consumer Over Time Pays Off in the Long Run
  4. Are Consumers Reading Healthcare Report Cards?
  5. Communicating With Customers: Itís Not the Same Old Ballgame


  1. Come See Our Treadmills: Why hospitals are Getting into the Fitness Center Business
  2. Following a Patient From Beginning to End -- Great Risks, Great Rewards
  3. Fund Raising, Marketing Can Overlap in Skills, Functions, Personnel
  4. Samaritan Health Moves Into an Aggressive Marketing Stance
  5. Using Values to Drive Success 6. Cosmetic Dermatology is Taking Off





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