1998 Back Issues


  1. Facilities Redefine Role to Recapture Patients
  2. Helix Health Emerges as a Strong Integrated System in Highly Regulated State
  3. Changing Healthcare Environment Dictates Diverse Cardiac Marketing Strategies
  4. Creating an Effective Sales Team Can Be Key for Marketing Success
  5. What’s the Big Idea?
  6. Web Raters Endorse Hospital Sites


  1. Report Card Makes Its Mark at Long Beach Memorial
  2. Direct Mail Is Powerful...Can It Sell Your Product or Service?
  3. A New Look at Database Marketing
  4. Endangered, Extinct or Enduring: PHO Status Depends on Local Needs
  5. Community Health Improvement Projects Bring Real Benefits
  6. Healthcare Media Planning and Latka Gravas


  1. Marketing Tackles Changes in Hospital Specialization
  2. Competition, Collaboration, Joint Management: All Part of the Brew in Louisville
  3. Losing Your Name, But Not Your Value
  4. Providers, Activists Gain From "Sleeping With the Enemy"
  5. Campus Contracts Link Colleges to Care
  6. What Patients Want From Their Doctor


  1. Hospitals Find Highway to Profit in Billboard Advertising
  2. Healthcare Marketers Can Lean From Dental Marketing Company’s Experience
  3. Tricare Marketing Moves Into the Second Phase
  4. Boosting Employee Morale Translates Into Higher Consumer Satisfaction
  5. The Health Risk Appraisal as a Marketing Tool
  6. The Society of Prospective Medicine: Shaping the Future of Health Risk Assessment
  7. Managed Care Faces the Music


  1. PSOs Will Give Providers an Opportunity to Directly Manage Medicare Managed Care
  2. Tracking Return on Your Healthcare Advertising
  3. Extensive Consumer Survey Sheds Light on Health Plan Selection Criteria
  4. New Mission Statements Channel, Energize Marketing Efforts
  5. New Mother Education Meets High Technology
  6. Communicating a Layoff: Building a Plan to Downsize With Dignity


  1. Hospitals Tap Tinseltown Popularity By Advertising at the Movies
  2. Education and Screening Key to Parkinson’s Disease Program Marketing
  3. ‘Uncommon Services’ Help NEAS Expand EAP Market
  4. Promoting Wellness Through an Incentive Program
  5. Health Plan Homework Pays Off for Bank
  6. Planning for PSOs, PHOs and MSOs: After the Dust Settles


  1. Marketing Helps Fuel Battle Against Silent Killer: Diabetes
  2. Psychiatric Hospital Marketing Adapts to Managed Care
  3. Home Health Surges Ahead Amidst Great Turbulence
  4. New Company Debuts to Assist Independent Home Agencies
  5. Communication is Key to Patient Satisfaction at Saint Barnabas
  6. Twenty Years Later -- Where We Are, and What We Must Achieve


  1. "Best Doctors" Expands From Just a Book to a Specialty Carve-Out and Physician Referral Service
  2. Healthcare Can Learn Retail Lessons
  3. Picker Institute Provides Patient’s Perspective
  4. Preventive Health and Safety Campaign Gains the Public’s Attention and Raises Visibility of Health System Dramatically
  5. Staying Alive and Independent: A Prescription for Small Rurals
  6. Sturm Proposes Radical Reorganization
  7. Successfully Marketing to the Fast-Growing Senior Population


  1. Mystery Shopping Can Provide Valuable Marketing Data and Research
  2. Ethical Issues Remain a Key Consideration in Healthcare Advertising
  3. Marketing to Physicians Can Play a Key Role in Making a Success of Physician Practice Acquisitions
  4. Image Recover Centers Boost Mind-Body Cancer Care
  5. Domestic Violence Crisis: Can Healthcare Marketers Help?
  6. Agency/Client Relations: Putting Both Parties at Risk for Performance
  7. Update on the Healthwise Communities Project: Creating a Healthier, More Informed Citizenry in Boise


  1. Second Wave of Internet Applications for Healthcare Marketing Is Here
  2. Hospitals and Managed Care Market Alternative Medicine
  3. Washington Hardball Hits Hard on Healthcare Industry
  4. The Marketing Challenge of Discharge Management
  5. Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Healthcare Marketing, I Learned From My Dog (Well, Almost Everything)


  1. Creating an Effective Newsletter May Take Some Negotiation and a Keen Attention to the Consumer
  2. When Babies are Abducted: A Marketing Crisis
  3. Advertising Back Up as Marketing Budgets Reach Record High
  4. Healthcare Marketing Software Comes of Age
  5. Effective Wellness Programs Aim for New Targets
  6. Use Foodservice as a Part of Your Marketing Strategy


  1. It’s Coming: Start Preparing Now for the Year 2000 Fallout
  2. Marketing Incontinence Services Can Be Tricky
  3. Are PHO’s a Viable Organizational Strategy in Tomorrow’s Marketplace
  4. Communication Training for Doctors is This Institute’s Specialty
  5. Wake Up and Smell the Java




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