2008 Back Issues

Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover January
  1. Learning about the Power of the New RES-INFO
  2. Bringing Lean to the Call Center
  3. Hospital Switchboards and Physician Referral
  4. Telephone Triage, Disease Management, Health Coaches and More at HMC
  5. Roller Coaster Ride Ends with Riverside’s Call Center on Top
  6. Staff Retention and Training in Knoxville
  7. Physician Relations and the Call Center
  8. Tenet Call Center Gains with MedContact
  9. The Complaint Loop
  10. Promoting Directly to Patients and their Families
  11. FONEMED Selling Call Center Software Now
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover   February
  1. Open Access at Loyola
  2. Bee Safety – Not What Many Might Expect
  3. A Discharge Hospitality Suite Within This Call Center
  4. Community Call Centers and Crisis Support
  5. From Volunteers to Newcomers in York
  6. This Call Center Serves Five States
  7. Marketing the Call Center Within the Walls
  8. The Importance of Independent Nursing Judgment
  9. The Fax Server and Other Efficiencies at UCLA
  10. Next Generation in Health Coaching May Be a Computer-Generated Character
  11. This Accidental Nurse Understands Well the Dynamic Needed Between Finance and the Call Center
  12. Nurse/Health Advice Lines Increasingly Popular at Very Large Employers
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover   March
  1. High Visibility for Call-A-Nurse
  2. Who Needs to Know What When (Excluding ROI Reports)
  3. Average Call Length for this Exposure Hotline is 41 Minutes
  4. PRC Continues to Document Household Calls for Physician Referral, Nurse Advice and Triage, and More
  5. Expanding Functions at ViaHealth Call Center
  6. Telephone Triage for Veterans
  7. Physician to Physician Referral Leads at Gunderson
  8. FreeMD Uses Video of a Real Doctor to Help Consumers Triage Over the Net
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover   April
  1. The YouTube World Comes to Physician Referral
  2. ER Discharge Calls Dramatically Reduce Risk at Banner
  3. Television Shows, Health Information and the Call Center
  4. CPM Advances “Personal” Marketing Through the Call Center
  5. MRSA is Attracting a Fair Amount of Public Concern
  6. The Buck Stops with the Contact Center
  7. Carle’s Unique Arrangement
  8. LIST is All Important in QI for University of Pennsylvania Health System’s Contact Center
  9. Patient Transfer Call Centers Often Operate in a Parallel Universe
  10. Patient Navigation Call Center Established at WellStar
  11. Service Referral—Helping Your Callers Get Connected
  12. Poster Opportunities Available at Conference
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover   May
  1. How Physician Data Flows into the Call Center Database
  2. Managing a Clinical Call Center with a Non-Clinical Background
  3. Physician Referral for Cancer Patients can be Complex
  4. Quality-Driven Consumers and the Call Center
  5. Constipation, Toilet Training and More
  6. Call Center Puts in an Assist during Fires in San Diego
  7. Call Center Takes on Wound Pump Information
  8. Home Monitoring Progresses to Home Care Population
  9. Consulting Group Argues More Rigor Needed in Healthcare
  10. Note From the Editor—Direct Mail Physician Referral Hits Home
  11. Reminder: Poster Opportunities Available at Conference
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover   June
  1. Assisting Parents with After-Hours Care for their Children
  2. Nurse Recruitment Line Added to Call Center
  3. From 16 to 24 Hours
  4. Thirty Years and Counting
  5. Breaking the Skin: Talking with Parents about Vaccines
  6. The Phone Keeps Ringing at St. Alexius in Bismarck
  7. Doing Good in Your Community May Help Your Call Center Too
  8. Selling in San Diego
  9. Calgary Health Link Forges Ahead
  10. Twentieth Anniversary Celebration at Baptist Health South Florida
  11. AAACN Working on Certification Option for Telehealth Nurses
  12. Recording Mystery Shopping Phone Calls
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover   July
  1. These Two Telephone Triage Nurses Have Cracked the Book Charts
  2. Lean/Six Sigma Project Works to Reduce Abandonment Rates
  3. Community Service and Helping Your Employees Too
  4. Prudence Recommended in Promoting Your Call Center in the Yellow Pages
  5. Baby Tracks Helps Get Children Immunized
  6. Bringing Customer Service Excellence to More than the Call Center
  7. IX Conversations from Healthwise
  8. Helping Rural Practices Gain Sub-Specialty Appointments for their Pediatric Patients
  9. Evaluating Call Centers
  10. Cross Selling Yourself
  11. Organizing Behavioral Beds
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover   August
  1. Time for a Vacation
  2. Campaigns Stressing Appropriate Usage of 911 Could Bolster Telephone Triage
  3. Completing the Physician Referral Cycle in the ER
  4. NurseWise ® Moves Ahead
  5. Physician Referral on the International Stage
  6. Breastfeeding Concerns in Atlanta and St. Louis
  7. Titles Do Make a Difference
  8. Client Demand Created This Telephone Triage Call Center
  9. Note From the Editor: Tying Customer Service to the Job Experience
  10. Call Center Conference Moves to Indianapolis for 2009
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover   September
  1. Have a Regular Doctor Pushed in New York City
  2. Ranking High at the UNC Clinical Call Center
  3. Being Precise in the Physician to Physician Interaction
  4. The Entrepreneur Came Out in These Two Telephone Triage Nurses
  5. Successful Succession Planning at Lehigh Valley Call
  6. Clinical Solutions Begins U.S. Push
  7. This Retail Location Works
  8. Community Service Role for Call Center Plays Big in Rural South
  9. Qualitative Market Intelligence from the Call Center
  10. The Wider World of Call Centers
  11. Promoting Physician Referral in the Workplace
  12. TelaDoc Now has More Than One Million Members
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover   October
  1. 10 Reasons to See a Primary Care Physician
  2. Falling Down Can Be an Issue for Active Seniors Too
  3. Making It Their Own
  4. Looking for Nurses: Presenting Your Call Center at a Job Fair
  5. New Study Shows Decrease in Hospital Call Centers in Some Categories, Others Stable
  6. Non-Clinical QA–An Art Not a Science
  7. Telephone Triage at Clarian
  8. YourCity.MD Rolls Out
  9. Access Strategy Takes Hold in Galveston
  10. Promoting Physician Referral Through a Video on Your Web Site
  11. New Telehealth Nurse Survey Released
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover   November
  1. This Pediatric Triage Service has Expanded into Adult Triage and More
  2. Johns Hopkins Helps Patients Who Live Outside Maryland Find Physicians
  3. Strategic Visioning—A Valuable Exercise for Call Center Managers
  4. New Piece of Technology Helps This Call Center with QA and to Intervene with Difficult or Angry Callers
  5. SHPS Works Hard to Use Telephone Triage to Redirect Unnecessary ER Visits
  6. A New Departure: Hospital First, Physician Referral Second at Beaumont
  7. Note from the Editor: New Study May Bolster Argument for ER Discharge Calls
  8. Temporary Employees Fill the Gap and More for Clarian
  9. Triage Logic Expands its Reach
  10. Primary Care Physician Referral Presents a Tough Challenge in Boston
  11. Promoting Your Call Center through an In-House Television Network
  12. This Physician Directory Includes Malpractice and Criminal Conviction Information Too
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover   December
  1. When College Students Call Nurse Advice
  2. Helping Physicians Understand Women’s OB Choices—Explaining the Facts
  3. OrecX Now Offering Open Source-Based Voice Recording System
  4. What a Journey for this Mississippi Access Center
  5. Telephone Nurse Advisor Scores at Gunderson Lutheran
  6. Inpatient Consults Now Go Through This Call Center
  7. Redirecting Quality Assurance in the Clinical Call Center
  8. New Book Released on Healthcare Call Centers
  9. Necessity Can Be the Mother of Invention
  10. Ambs Call Center Looks to Go National
  11. Caution in Analyzing Industry Average/Industry Standard
  12. The Difference Between ROO and ROI and Why It Matters
  13. Get Ready for 2009 Call Center Survey