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2007 Back Issues

Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover January
  1. Outlook Brightens for Community Telephone Triage, But With a Difference
  2. Open Enrollment and Branding
  3. One Bad Safety Incident Sparks Call Center Involvement
  4. Building Physician Practices through Physician Referral and Increasing Inpatient Volume through After-Hours Telephone Triage
  5. A Growing Discharge Calling Program at Deaconess
  6. Princeton Successfully Rolls out Call Center
  7. Telephone Triage Integrates with Physician Home Visits
  8. Meeting the Docs Personally as an Aid to the Physician Selection Process
  9. Brainstorming, Quantitative Analysis and Demos All Part of Northwestern’s RFP Process
  10. The Solo Department
  11. Call Centers and Mammography Screenings
  12. Environmentally Friendly and Recycled Promotional Products for Call Center Marketing
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover   February
  1. Moving Through the Budget
  2. Telephone Triage and the Disabled Nurse
  3. The Cup Overflows and the Call Center Steps In
  4. Group Health’s Consulting Nurse Service into its Fourth Decade
  5. From Banking to Healthcare
  6. Question and Answer
  7. Baby Names a Most Engaging Hook for Physician Directory
  8. This Discharge Calling Program Provides Instant Feedback
  9. Anatomy of a Hire
  10. Improving Your Customer Service
  11. Cleveland Clinic Florida Launches First Major Ad
    Campaign—Physician Referral is its Focus
  12. Pediatrician Starts Own Telephone Triage Company
  13. Poster Opportunities Available at Conference
  14. The Nineteenth Annual Conference of Physician Referral and Health Information Call Centers
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover   March
  1. A Three Year Plan for Building This Access Center
  2. Alaskan Call Center is Having Great Success with its Smoking Cessation Line
  3. ROI for Online Appointment Requests
  4. Home Health Calls for This Call Center
  5. Physician Referral in the Emergency Room
  6. Take Extra Care When Handling that Depression Call
  7. Vanity Number or Not
  8. Uniting Databases in England
  9. Facing
  10. Call Center Marketing Comes to the Hospital/Physician Screen
  11. SHPS Uses Call Center Nurses for the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Campaign
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover   April
  1. Moving Up—What Call Center Management Can Teach
  2. Deaconess in Indiana Handles Nursing Home Calls and More
  3. Process Improvement at Children’s Memorial Call Center
  4. Telephone Nurse Advice and the ER
  5. Beryl Aims at Hospital Operations
  6. The Logical Extension of Online Nurse Advice
  7. Relationships First, Expansion Second
  8. Canadian Call Center Takes on Social Services as Well
  9. Automatic Phone Messages Bring Efficiencies to this Call Center
  10. Disease Management, Remote Monitoring and the Call Center
  11. Adding Quality Indicators to a Web Physician Referral Application
  12. Reminder: Poster Opportunities Available at Conference
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover   May
  1. Click to Call Coming Back?
  2. Lessons Learned from Banner’s Poison Control Call Center
  3. Vanity Number and New Web Site Help HCA Promote Physician Referral in West Florida
  4. Paralyzing Snow, But Call Center Rolls On
  5. Physician Portal and More at Stanford
  6. Moving to a Marketing/Fulfillment Orientation
  7. Automating Parts of the Telephonic Disease Management Process
  8. Paying Attention to Health Literacy
  9. Self-Care Info and the Call Center
  10. Finding Beds and the Physician to Physician Referral and Consult Line
  11. Call Recording Equipment and Satisfaction Surveys
  12. Direct Mail and the Call Center
  13. Quality Assurance at TeleHealth Solutions
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover   June
  1. Taking a More Strategic Look at Physician to Physician Referral
  2. Telephone Nursing a Key Element of Crisis Communications for High School
  3. This Find A Doctor Site Includes Detail Explanations
  4. Organizational Shift in Billings Has Had Its Own Rewards
  5. Telephonic Health Coaching Continues to Catch On
  6. Expanded Hours and Detailed Conversations at NYU’s Call Center
  7. There are Nuances to Proper Telephonic Interpretation of Foreign Languages
  8. Prospecting for New Business
  9. Triage on the Web and Disease Management at Aurora
  10. Central Logic Expands Its Offerings
  11. Tomorrow’s Information Therapy and the Call Center
  12. Reorganization and Consolidation at Clarian
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover   July
  1. The Doctor For You Dot Com
  2. Longer Calls, Better Service at Health Plan Call Center
  3. Scheduling is the Ticket at Geisinger
  4. Pathogen Exposure Calls Now a Part of This Call Center
  5. 1-800-Doctors Rolling Out New Strategy
  6. Tightening Up Group Practice Triage Standards
  7. HAL Line Continues to Add Value at Johns Hopkins
  8. Interstate Nurse Compact Keeps Making Progress
  9. Disabled Employees and the Switchboard
  10. TeleMedik Doubles Staff in One Year
  11. Stumbling Blocks to Completing ROI Calculation
  12. Going Stale?
  13. Note From the Editor—The Value of Publicity
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover   August
  1. This Academic Medical Center is Promoting Primary Care Physician Referral
  2. Teaser Boards Advertise New Pediatric Telephone Triage Service in Indianapolis
  3. Certification Process Helps This Call Center Understand Its Operational Excellence
  4. Scheduling Made Easier
  5. The Internet is Changing Ways of Handling Those Nurse Advice Calls
  6. Quite a Transition From IT to Call Center Manager
  7. Telephone Nursing Can Be a Stressful Occupation
  8. Baptist Moves Forward in Advancing Its Hispanic Web Application for Physician Referral
  9. Navigating Through Vague Complaints
  10. Lessons for Healthcare Call Centers From Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover   September
  1. Quoting Prices in Oklahoma
  2. Chest Pain Hotline at Western Baptist
  3. It’s the Cover and What’s Inside that Pushes Physician-to-Physician Referral
  4. A Kinder QA at SSM
  5. ROI with Finance Collaboration
  6. White Paper Discusses Overcoming Barriers to Remote Monitoring of Patients
  7. Moving Registration to the Web
  8. Triage Logic Moves Through Organizational Change And Works on Pandemic Flu
  9. New Study of Massachusetts Consumers Show a Fluid Market for Changing Doctors
  10. KP OnCall Flourishes in Southern California
  11. Alijor Features Providers and Prospective Patients Directly Connecting
  12. Using Direct Mail to Promote the Use of Telephone Triage to Reduce Inappropriate ER Visits
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover   October
  1. Speedy Specialty Appointments at Children’s Hospital of Michigan
  2. A Strong Ad Campaign for Telephone Triage
  3. Cross-Selling at OhioHealth
  4. Salaries for Telephone Triage Nurses
  5. This Online Doctor Directory Lets Consumers Give Their Opinions to Share
  6. Note From the Editor—My Story with an Interactive Doctor Referral Site:
  7. The Quick Care Loop
  8. You Don’t Know Jack
  9. Retaining Your Call Center Staff
  10. Disposition Challenges in Major Snowstorm
  11. Branding Your Name
  12. The International March Continues
  13. Open Enrollment in Southern
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover   November
  1. Top Ten Technological Challenges for Today’s Call Center
  2. NCC Telephone Nursing Practice Exam to End Next Month
  3. Improving Metrics and Customer Service for this Call Center
  4. Branded Clothing for this Telephone Triage Call Center
  5. Text Chat via a Mobile Phone
  6. Let’s Go Fishing
  7. Insights on Beryl Revealed in New Book
  8. Veteran Healthcare Marketers Moves into the Call Center World
  9. This Medical Call Center Doubles as a Regional Medical Communications Center
  10. Outreach Important for Specialists to Develop Referral Business
  11. Pluses and Minuses of Voice Over IP
  12. Beryl White Paper Takes on Abandonment Rates
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover   December
  1. 2000 to 2007—A Maturing Profession
  2. Getting Patients in Faster Dramatically Increases Physician Referrals to this Practice
  3. Rethinking the Rules
  4. Segmentation Strategies and the Call Center
  5. Concierge Service has a Physician Referral Component
  6. Telehealth Nursing Practice Competencies
  7. Red Alert Adds Instant Notification Capability to Call Centers
  8. This Call Center’s Goal is to Direct Trauma/Stroke Patients to the Right Hospital
  9. Advertising Your Call Center in Untraditional Ways