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2006 Back Issues

Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times publication cover January
  1. Bringing Speech Recognition Technology to the Switchboard Part of the Call Center
  2. Now May Be Time for Call Centers to Add “Navigation” to their Responsibilities
  3. And It’s 744-0123
  4. Training Leaders Within the Call Center
  5. Electronic Medical Records and the Call Center
  6. 82Sharp Rolls On
  7. Syndromic Surveillance Product Released by McKesson
  8. takeTen Makes Inroads Putting the Uninsured Together with Doctors
  9. Telephone Triage Nursing - Moving into the 21st Century
  10. Radiology Group uses Tube Imagery to Promote Open MRI to Referral Doctors
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times issue cover   February
  1. 4DRSTAT Emerges in Wisconsin
  2. So, Just What Does It Mean to be an Expert Witness in Telephone Triage?
  3. Rush’s Revitalized Physician Referral Service
  4. Canadian Call Center Working to Understand and Quantify Whether CHF Management with Telehealth is Effective
  5. Making that Pre-surgical Nurse Appointment a Key Focus for Inova Call Center
  6. Call Center Takes on Absence Reporting
  7. Lesson in Physician Referral: Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Practice
  8. Taking Calls about Exercise Induced Asthma
  9. More Stats from Beryl
  10. Incenting Your Staff
  11. Explaining Your Call Center in One Page
  12. Make Your Voice Heard in New Call Center Study
  13. Disease Management has Important Similarities and Differences with Telephone Triage
  14. Poster Opportunities Available at Conference
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times issue cover   March
  1. The Pyramid of ROI
  2. Telephone Triage for the Medicaid Managed Care Population its own Specialty
  3. Placing a Hispanic Call Center within the Call Center
  4. Behavioral Telephone Triage and More
  5. “Responsive Consumers” are Top Users of Hospital/Health System Health
    Information Lines
  6. Accessing Physician Information from Various Places on the Web Site
  7. Telephone Triage for the Diabetic Child
  8. This Call Center Helps Physicians to Provide Feedback to the Health System
  9. Voice Over IP Helps with FONEMED’s Remote Nurse Strategy
  10. Our Advertising Specialties Quest Continues
  11. Improving Your Employee Retention
  12. First Appointment Requests Online
  13. Web-Based Software Introduced by HealthLine Systems
  14. Reminder: Please Participate in our New Call Center Study
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times issue cover   April
  1. Expectations and Realities of Being a Call Center Manager
  2. Interpreters, ER Reductions and Hurricanes
  3. Upscaling the Technology has Made Life Easier at Carilion Direct
  4. URAC Revises Clinical Call Center Guidelines
  5. Access Strategy Broadens at Oakwood Healthcare
  6. It’s Crying Time Again
  7. Centralized Scheduling Rolling Out at Detroit Medical Center
  8. Important Differences Do Exist Between Two Major Areas of Telephone Triage Practice
  9. Discharge Calls May Reveal Important Medical Needs
  10. New Medication Compliance Study has Implications for Telephone Triage
  11. Email Test Provides Opportunity for Call Center
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times issue cover   May
  1. Communicating With Your Switchboard
  2. McKesson Moves to the Home
  3. Promoting Owned Practices and More at Presbyterian
  4. Spreading the Word to China
  5. Changing Software Vendors
  6. New Telephone Triage Book for Oncology Nurses
  7. Speak Up Goes Through This Call Center
  8. Paperless Application Saves Time, Paper and Money
  9. Being a Reference Source for the Community
  10. Fiscal Viability Approaches to Telephone Triage Programs
  11. 2005 National Health Survey Reveals Barriers to Access


Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times issue cover   June
  1. Bringing a Customer Service Game to the Call Center for Training
  2. Reviewing Audiotapes can Help in Telephone Triage QA Activities
  3. CareNet Reaches Out
  4. It’s About More Than the Food
  5. JCAHO Could Make a Stop in Your Call Center Under New Methodology
  6. Repetition Works in New Mover Promotion
  7. FindTheBestDoctors.Com Emerges in Tampa
  8. The Advisory Council for a Telephone Triage Program
  9. Help for Medicare Patients
  10. Quantifying the Advantages of Telephone
  11. Technology to Take You Home
  12. Telephone Triage Down Under


Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times issue cover   July
  1. Community Benefit Strategy is the Cornerstone of this Telephone Triage Call Center
  2. Beaumont’s Call Center Rolls On
  3. Studer Group Releases Discharge Call Manager
  4. Where are Non-Clinical Call Center Applicants Coming From and Why?
  5. Unlicensed Assistance Personnel Within a Telephone Triage Call Center Setting
  6. This Call Center Manager is Also the Physician Liaison for the Hospital
  7. Home Care Telephone Triage
  8. College Begins Customer Service/Contact Center Specialist Certificate Program
  9. Call Center Manager Burnout
  10. Study Demonstrates Symbiotic Relationship Between Physician Referral, Physician and Hospital Selection
  11. Reverse 911 for Emergencies
  12. Note From the Editor—The Doctors’ Lounge and Physician-to-Physician Referral and Consult Lines


Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times issue cover   August
  1. New Study Projects Strong Future for Healthcare Call Centers
  2. Making Life Easier
  3. Multi-Tasking at JEFF NOW
  4. Telephone Nurse Advice and Triage on the College Campus
  5. Physician Referral on the Web in Spanish
  6. Moving Your Call Center
  7. Motivational Interviewing and the Clinical Call Center
  8. Automatic Patient Reminder Systems
  9. Offering Covered Lives Telephone Triage and More
  10. This Call Center has an Internal Web Site
  11. Note From the Editor: Call Center Conference Moves to Charlotte


Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times issue cover   September
  1. A Continuing Movement to Hook the Uninsured to Physicians
  2. This Call Center Does Telephone Triage and More from the Shopping Mall
  3. Structure and Metrics Results from Survey
  4. Mumps Epidemic in Iowa
  5. No Three Way Calling—Making the Appointment in Real Time
  6. Recording Your
  7. Patient Transfer Program Continues Strong Growth at Mountain States
  8. Telephone Triage Continues its International Penetration
  9. DRS Continues to Grow
  10. Collaboration is the “What Is” of Canadian Telephone Triage
  11. Counseling Callers about How to Make their Doctor Visits Work for Them


Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times issue cover   October
  1. Wellmont Restarts Call Center
  2. Basketball Solidifies Physician to Physician Referral Relationships
  3. Consumer Physician Directory, Thermometers and More
  4. The Respondents Speak
  5. The Law and Telephone Triage
  6. It’s Often about the Time Frame for Consumers Wanting a Physician Referral from Mayo in Rochester
  7. Patient Care and Telephone Triage Intertwined
  8. New Study Creates Consumer Groupings that May Assist Center Interaction
  9. A Notification System for Referring Physicians at Northwestern
  10. Menopause Callers Want Clarity


Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times issue cover   November
  1. How High is that Fever and Does It Really Matter
  2. Students, Worker’s Comp, Patient Callbacks and Banner Ads
  3. This Call Center Also Does Main Order Management for Medicare Compliance
  4. Statistics from the Caller’s End
  5. Nurse Response Acquired by Centene
  6. New Blood in the Call Center Managerial Ranks
  7. Telephone Nursing Practice Special Interest Group Rolls On
  8. A Secure Portal for Referring Physicians
  9. Malpractice Insurer Gets Involved in Telephone Triage Tips for Medical Offices
  10. Going Way, Way Beyond the Call of Duty
  11. Working Through a Realistic Home Based Nursing Model
  12. The List is All Important in New Movers Promotion
Physician Referal and Telephone Triage Times issue cover   December
  1. It’s the Appointment, Not the Referral that Drives this Call Center
  2. High Risk ER Discharges get Follow-Up Calls from Banner’s Call Center Nurses
  3. Priority Link a Favorite with Referring Physicians
  4. Rounding on Your Staff
  5. Know Your Under Referral Rate
  6. Driving Physician Referral Traffic to Your Web Site
  7. Payment for Online Physician Consultation and Implication, If Any, for Telephone Triage
  8. Physician Referral and Personal Escort Too
  9. An Unusual Telephone Triage Concept Unfolding in Pakistan
  10. Building Another Call Center at the Marshfield Clinic
  11. Call Center Contributes to New Construction Communication Program
  12. Note From the Editor—Going Home