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2005 Back Issues

  1. Let’s Remember our History
  2. Sidebar— My Story
  3. When do Kaiser Northern California Members Call Nurse Advice and For What
  4. “The Voice” Comes to this Call Center
  5. Yellow Page Placements Still Strong
  6. Talking About AD/HD
  7. Safe Harbors Once Again in the News
  8. Tightening Your RFP’s and Contracts for Technology Vendors
  9. Presenting Education Programs for Physician Practice Nurses About Telephone Triage
  1. Call Center Nurses in South Bend Handle Well Water Safety Calls
  2. Appealing to Newcomers in Southern New Jersey
  3. VitaLine Continues to Thrive at New Hanover Health Network
  4. Job Descriptions Tell It Like It Is
  5. AMTELCO Integrates its Call Center Distribution Product with Nurse Triage Software
  6. Retooled Web Site Results in Dramatic Rise in Use of Physician Referral Pages at Rush
  7. Falling Down
  8. Involving the Transfer Nurse in the Physician to Physician Referral and Consult Center
  9. Group of Call Center Managers Forms in Kansas City
  10. Health Literacy and the Call Center
  11. IntelliCare Acquires NightCall Physician Services, P.C.
  12. Taking a Reduced Call Volume and Turning it into a Positive
  1. Tracking Appointments Kept
  2. Dead Birds, Animal Bites and Much More in Manitoba
  3. How Much Physicians are Worth to the Hospital’s Bottom Line
  4. Physician Satisfaction with After-Hours Triage
  5. Job Sharing in Wichita Falls
  6. Personal Nurses Hook into Members Lives through the Telephone
  7. The Uninsured and the Call Center
  8. Rising Healthcare Spending and How Call Centers Might Help It Slow
  9. Promotional Opportunity Through Family Health Records Booklet
  10. Discharge Callbacks are this Call Center’s Way of Integrating with a Health System Wide Customer Service Initiative
  11. Making Outbound Calls to the Medicaid Population
  12. Note From the Editor: Trust Brings Great Responsibility for Nurses Working in Call Centers
  1. So, What’s Your Average Cost Per Call?
  2. Call Recording Today
  3. Saint Barnabas Expands Focus on Call Center
  4. Optum Connects Telephone Triage to Care Management
  5. America’s Top Doctors
  6. Suicide Calls Can be Highly Charged
  7. First Impressions Study Makes Argument in Support of Call Centers and Provides a Cautionary Tale
  8. Changing Relationships Between Pediatricians and After-Hours Telephone Triage Programs
  9. Putting and Employee Access Line Into the Call Center
  10. Computerized Protocol System Comes to the Physician’s Office
  11. Physician Selection and HMO Trust
  1. “You Saved a Life!” Award Important Recognition at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
  2. Hardwiring Excellence
  3. Just How Much Education to Provide a Clinical Caller
  4. Class Registration and the Call Center
  5. Update on the Nurse Licensure Compact
  6. Promina’s Call Center Morphs into Another Organizational Arrangement
  7. Knowing Scope of Practice Important for Telephone Triage Nurses
  8. Three Tiers at Columbus Children’s Web Site
  9. Ambulance Owned Call Centers Consolidate in Michigan
  10. Legal Company Moves into Doctor Directory Business with a Twist
  11. Late Conference Information: Poster Opportunities Available
  1. Community Benefit and the Call Center
  2. Maintaining Standards an Important Key to the Success of the Clinical Call Center
  3. Food with a Theme, Dress Codes and Diversification in Pensacola
  4. Standing Orders in Minnesota
  5. Getting the Right Physician on Call
  6. Working with Home
  7. Promoting Call Center Services Through a Different Channel
  8. Priority Solutions Continues to Make Progress with 911/Telephone Triage Interface
  9. Align Yourself and Then Follow It Through
  10. Paying for Physician Profiles
  11. Eliminating Disruptive Forces Within the Call Center
  12. Taking Pictures
  13. Note From the Editor—Ingraining Telephone Triage in the Popular Consciousness
  1. Workplace Injuries, Spanish Translations, the Safety Net and More
  2. Coming Full Circle
  3. Home Monitoring and the Call Center
  4. Creating Centralized Patient Access in Oklahoma City
  5. Helping Call Centers Make Sense of Internet Health Information
  6. Reminder Calls Increase Kept Appointments at Einstein
  7. Self Assessment an Important Addition to Some Telephone Triage Calls
  8. There’s Much to Learn from Other Types of Healthcare Call Centers
  9. Providing Physicians with Complete Documentation for Telephone Triage Calls
  10. How Much Revenue Does a Physician Referral Service Bring to the Medical Staff?
  11. Research Project on Stroke Warning Signs Gives Surprising Results and Validates Telephone Nurse Triage
  1. Direct Mail Scores for St. Joseph Health System Physician Referral
  2. Want to Start a Nurse Owned Call Center: These Professionals Have Made the Leap
  3. Medical Staff Physician Information on the Web
  4. Reporting Physician Referral Activity to Your Doctors
  5. Telephonic Health Coaching Comes to Kaiser
  6. This Hospital has Created a Specialty Call Center .
  7. Are Your Pregnant?—Important Questions for Women 11-60
  8. CRM Works Just Fine to Promote Physician Referral in Arkansas
  9. So, How Much Does That MRI Cost?— This Call Center Will Tell You
  10. Medformation Continues to Evolve
  1. What Call Center Managers See for Our Profession’s Future
  2. This Sports Injury Hotline is Heavily Promoted
  3. This Health Information Library is Coming Back
  4. Developing a Public Health Emergency Contact Center
  5. A Memorable Mobile to Build Referring Physician Business
  6. Reducing Hours, Fun Ads
  7. Preventing Errors in Hospital and Managed Care Physician Directories
  8. A Pharmacist Heads This Call Center Through Several Evolutions
  9. Unexpected Consequences from Outdoor
  10. Changing Priorities for this Call Center in Hawaii
  11. Physician Referral and Health Information Call Center Conference Dates Announced
  1. Pushing OB in Colorado
  2. Salary Levels for Telephone Triage Nurses: They Still Lag Floor Nurses
  3. Understanding Technology
  4. New Caller Stats Compiled By Beryl
  5. Telephone Triage Entrepreneurs to Employees
  6. This Physician Call Center Does Outbound Calling Too
  7. Talking to Seniors and Important Element for this Call Center
  8. Hospital Expansion and Call Center Planning
  9. Doing More Without Adding More
  10. All the Organization’s Brochures are Now the Responsibility of the Call Center
  1. Personal Distribution of Referring Physician’s Guide at Children’s Hospital of Michigan
  2. Educating Patients when to Call a Telephone Triage Service
  3. Preparing for Higher Call Volumes
  4. New Call Center Data Generated by SHSMD Study
  5. System Call Center Data from SHSMD
  6. Cancer Helpline Provides Information, Allays Fears, Makes Referrals
  7. This Call Center Conducts its own Mystery Shopping Program
  8. Comprehensive CHF Program in Augusta
  9. Making sure that Follow-Up Appointments are Made
  10. This Outsource Company Also Recruits Physicians Directly
  11. Communicating to Your Own Staff Physicians
  12. In This Operation, Doctors, not Nurses Take the Calls
  1. The Navigator Comes to Park Nicollet
  2. Katrina and the Call Center
  3. Informality and Four Color are the Hallmarks of this Directory
  4. Generational Diversity Brings Need for Understanding
  5. This Company Maintains Its Call Center in the Philippines
  6. Doing QI on What Becomes Appendicitus and Meningitis Cases
  7. Getting to Work on Time
  8. Interest Grows in Home Based Telephone Triage
  9. Creighton University Medical Center Experiments with Case Managers Communicating with Referring Physicians
  10. Revised and Updated Telephone Triage Guideline Book Released