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2004 Back Issues

  1. The Top Five Consumer Segments Who Call Health Information Lines or Physician Physician Referral Services (And the Bottom Five Too)
  2. The VA Provides Telephone Triage and Other Services to Veterans Around the Clock
  3. Appointments Drive This Call Center 
  4. Be Cautious with OTC Drugs 
  5. 1Call Upscale its Physician Referral Application 
  6. The Importance of the Elevator Speech Whether or Not You’re in an Elevator 
  7. Adding Doctors to Handle Selected Telephone Triage Calls Works Well for this Health Plan
  8. Physician to Physician Referral and Consult in a Non-Academic Setting 
  9. What Career Paths are Available for Telehealth Nurses Who Want a Change
  10. 1-800-DOCTORS Continues It’s Expansion 
  11. The Other Advocate Call Center Focuses on Health Center Patients
  1. Off Loading Triage to the Web Opens Up Disease Management Opportunity
  2. Promoting Physician to Physician Referral and Consult by Specialty 
  3. Culture Change Takes Root in the Kaiser Call Center in Northern California
  4. Focus Groups May Give You Solid Quantitative Feedback about Your Call Center
  5. Reminding Callers to Bring Their Co-Pay and List of Medications 
  6. Talking to Parents about Ear Infections 
  7. Closing the Loop in Call Center Mystery Shopping 
  8. Rude and Difficult Callers in a Clinical Call Center Setting 
  9. Physician Referral Through a Television Program 
  10. New Edition of the AAACN Telhealth Nursing Practice Core Course Released
  11. Our Quest for Advertising Specialties Continues 
  12. VisionWare Adds Telephone Triage Capabilities to its Software 
  13. Note From the Editor: Are We a Utility Yet?
  1. Walking Around Management Works for MediCorp
  2. More Intensive Management of Asthma Callers Continues to Succeed for St. Louis Children’s
  3. Yellow Pages and Your Call Center
  4. Optum Call Centers Get Involved in Bioterrorism Syndrome Surveillance
  5. M-LINE Celebrates More Than a Decade and a Half Serving Referring Physicians
  6. Just Where Does Nursing Judgment Come Into Play When Using Formal Triage Guidelines
  7. Sharing and Analyzing Referral Statistics with Your Doctors
  8. The Board, Wait Times and the ER
  9. The Sounds of Silence
  10. Specialty Clinics and More for this Children’s Telephone Triage Program
  11. Customer Service, Employee Satisfaction Intertwined
  12. It’s the Bench and the Bus
  1. Walk-In Traffic an Important Element for this Call Center
  2. Helping the Telephone Triage Nurse Work More Effectively
  3. Filling Hospital Beds and the Healthcare Call Center
  4. Moving Through the Performance Evaluations Process
  5. The Call Center and the AV Connection
  6. Taping for QA at Centura
  7. Directing Your Caller to Health Resources through a Predictive Segmentation Model
  8. Payers Adding Medical Call Centers and Outsourcing More
  9. Q & A: Taping Physician-to-Physician Referral Calls
  10. Moving Through Staff Cuts
  11. The Call Center and Physician Relations
  12. It’s a Different Kind of Magnet
  13. Putting Scheduling and Physician Referral Together
  14. TeleMedik Comes into the Translation Market as a Healthcare Specific Company
  1. Dramatic Gains for Telephone Triage in Alberta
  2. New Name, New Call Center—Advertising to Build Volume
  3. Who Has a Doctor, Who Doesn’t and More Statistics from New Professional Research Consultants Survey
  4. Managing the Flu this Past Fall/Winter was Challenging
  5. This Wall Calendar Focuses on Promoting Physician Referral and Class Registration
  6. Demystifying Call Center Technology—A Process
  7. After-Hours Home Care, Hospice Calls and Other Expansions at Upstate Teleservices
  8. Moving Through Revenue Reconciliation Pays Dividends for New York Hospital
  9. The 911/Telephone Triage Interface Effort is Underway
  10. Increasing the Percentage of Appointments Made for Callers While They’re on the Phone
  11. Medical Translations Services—A Competitive Field
  1. Today’s Telephone Triage Managers have a Variety of Concerns on Their Minds
  2. Banner Ads Boost Call Center for Yale-New Haven Hospital
  3. Telephone Nurse Support for Cardiac Patients in Maine
  4. Over a Year and a Half, this Call Center More Than Doubled the Percentage of Appointments Made for Callers
  5. Decreasing the Abandonment Rate at the Cleveland Clinic
  6. One Name, Three Names to Physician Referral Callers?
  7. Hot Topics in OB Telephone Nursing
  8. It’s Been 10 Years for this Non-Academic Physician Referral and Consulation Consultation Service
  9. A Twist on the ER Call Back Formulation
  10. A Physician Relations Team Connects the Hospital with Referring Physicians
  1. Talking to Minors or Not
  2. From Call Center Management to Working on the Vendor Side
  3. NCC Continues to Make Progress with Telephone Nursing Exam and Produces Valuable Study
  4. Practice Redesign and What It Could Mean for the Call Center
  5. Expanding Your Contracts using Market Intelligence
  6. Gaining Visibility for Your Call Center While Spending Little or No Money
  7. Changing to a Call Back Strategy
  8. Moving Organizational Standards into the Call Center
  9. Naval Hospital in Pensacola Restarts Telephone Triage
  10. IP and Other Changes Streamline Telephone System
  1. Polybags for the Daily Newspaper Promote Physician Referral
  2. In this Call Center, All Nurses Work From Home
  3. Leveraging Your Business Plan
  4. Increasing Interest By Employers in Telephone Triage
  5. So, Just How Long Should It Take Until a Live Person Picks Up the Phone?
  6. Telephone Triage in the Health Center Practice Environment
  7. Working Through the Tough Challenges
  8. Getting Parents to Comply with Urgent Dispositions
  9. Mixing a Consumer Physician Directory with Articles of General Interest
  10. They Provide Call Center Services for Florida Hospital, Mercedes-Benz and Others
  11. Assessing Expansion Opportunities
  1. Competition: Do You Pay Attention?
  2. Ask-A-Nurse Keeps Rolling on as an Important Element of Catholic Medical Center’s Strategy
  3. What Do Family Physicians Say Patients Want in a Family Physician and Other Interesting Study Results
  4. Handling Chronic Pain Callers
  5. Once You’ve Decided on a Program Expansion, What’s the Key to a Successful Launch
  6. Internal Marketing Pays Dividends for Call Center at North Mississippi Medical Center
  7. Learning From the Wider World of Call Centers
  8. Finding Nurses for the Independent Telephone Triage Call Center
  9. Physician Referral and Health Information Call Center Conference Returns to Atlanta
  1. Fell Predicts a New Wave of Interest in Call Centers
  2. Connecting the Dots in Yuma
  3. Transforming the Healthcare Experience Across an Organization— One Call Center Veteran’s Story
  4. Q & A: Taping Physician-to-Physician Referral Calls Continued
  5. Handling Calls from the New Mother about Sleep, Breathing and Other Concerns
  6. Branding Employed Physicians Intermixed with Physician Referral Campaign
  7. Documentation: Now, More Than Ever
  8. Benchmarking Survey Results from Conference
  9. ELLIOT-ON-CALL® Focuses its Telephone Triage on Physician Offices
  10. Marketing an Eye Institute to Referring Physicians
  11. Note From the Editor: It’s the Insured Behind ER Crowding and What Telephone Triage Can Do About It
  1. ROI Still a Key Driver in Gaining Call Center Credibility
  2. The Telephone Triage Conversation: Are You Listening Closely? And, Is The Caller?
  3. A Diversification Possibility: Complaint and Integrity Hot Line
  4. Telephone Triage Thrives in Baton Rouge
  5. Breaking Through the Noise
  6. Working With Cruise Ships and The South Pole
  7. A Unique Arrangement at New York Hospital Queens to Appeal to the Chinese/Korean Communities
  8. This Call Center Becoming Ever More Important to Pennsylvania Health System’s Strategy
  9. Switchboard and Call Center in Same Department, but Parallel
  10. In This Pilot Telephone Triage Project the Patient Could See the Nurse
  11. Direct Mail Piece Accomplishes a Lot for Saint Joseph Hospital in Chicago
  1. Valets, Broken Televisions, Care Complaints and More Fuel this Call Center
  2. Telephone Triage Gains in the Caribbean
  3. It’s a Fast and Knowledgeable World for Physician to Physician
    Referral and Consult Representatives
  4. Hurricane Charley Slams this Call Center
  5. From Starbucks to the Children’s Memorial Call Center
  6. Talking to Callers about Incontinence
  7. Opening and Closing the Loop in Salt Lake
  8. This After-Hours Pediatric Triage Company a Haven for Young Moms
  9. Efficiency Becoming Ever More Important
  10. New Paint, New Carpet—A Unexpectedly Involved Process for Integris
  11. Call Center Consulting Network Ramps Up
  12. Note From the Editor—Associated Press Covers Telephone Nursing Hotlines
  13. Overflow Calls Boost this Call Center