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2003 Back Issues

  1. Cutting Through the Clutter in Connecticut 

  2. Talking to Parents about Suspected Drug and/or Alcohol Abuse by their Children

  3. Mystery Shopping in the Northwestern Call Center 

  4. Salary Levels for Telephone Triage Nurses Still Lag Those of Floor Nurses

  5. What's New May Not Be New and May Not Be Practical Anyway

  6. Stress Rising and What You Can Do to Help Callers and Yourself

  7. Meshing Call Centers 

  8. Advisory Board Works Quite Well for this Telephone Triage Program

  9. The Other National Call Center Vanity Number is Doing Just Fine

  10. 211 and the Healthcare Call Center 

  11. Handling Clinical Trial Recruitment, An Exacting Service 

  12. Internal Marketing Ratchets Up at Summa Health 

  13. Note From the Editor: Upcoming Conference

  1. Mission Statements: A Necessary Component of the Call Center? 
  2. Air Force Moves Forward on Telephone Triage Demonstration Project
  3. Call Center Expands into Wayfinding 
  4. Post-Partum Blues, Post Partum Depression: Telling the Difference and What You Should Do For Each
  5. Clinical Trials, a Most Active Part of This Call Center 
  6. Parallel Universes No More 
  7. Increasing Web-Call Center Connectivity 
  8. Establishing Performance-Based Incentives in Call Center Works for Centura
  9. Information Therapy and the Call Center 
  10. Open Access, Practice Redesign and Telephone Nurse Advice and Triage 
  11. What Do Women Want From the Healthcare Call Center? 
  12. The Fifteenth National Conference of Physician Referral and Health Information Call Centers "Performing Today and Envisioning Tomorrow"
  1. Weekend Warriors and Telephone Triage 
  2. Telling Your Story to Physicians 
  3. Another Approach to the Call Times Question for the Triage Call Center
  4. Eighteen Year Old Children's Memorial Call Center Keeps Getting More Work
  5. New Call Center Statistics From McKesson 
  6. Providing College Students with Access to Telephone Nurse Advice and Triage
  7. HIPAA Update 
  8. This County Health Plan Really Gets the Calls in its Telephone Nurse Triage Program
  9. Physician-to-Physician Referral and Consult Service Expands Internally
  10. Call Center Spun as Gift to the Community 
  11. Allowing Doctors and Their Office Staffs to Update Profiles Online
  12. New Research Just Released on the Value of Call Center for Hospitals/Health Systems
  13. Proforma Changes Path and Aims at Physician Referral Directory Business
  1. Today's Physician Referral Callers are More Sophisticated in What They Want
  2. We're More Than Telephone Triage 
  3. More Advertising Specialties to Promote the Call Center 
  4. High Risk Callers Require Extra Time and Patience 
  5. Handling All Clinic Calls 
  6. Reporting to Finance Latest Wrinkle in this Call Center's Organizational Relationships
  7. What Happens When a Pediatrician Charges Parents for Contacting The After-Hours Telephone Triage Service
  8. Question and Answer: Limiting the Referral Panel 
  9. Disease Management Gets Rolling at Evergreen in a Most Personal Way
  10. Households of Single Females Under Age 55 Heavy Users of Health Information Lines
  11. What Does Your Job Mean to You? 
  12. Telephone Triage in a Public Behavioral Health Setting 
  13. New Job Description Source Includes Call Center Positions 
  14. Dedicated Telephone Nurses Work in this Stop Smoking Program 
  1. Buses Rock
  2. Navigating the Waters of Differing Opinions on Pediatric Medicines for Coughs and Colds
  3. New PRC Study Examines Awareness and Utilization of Telephone Information Lines
  4. This Telephone Triage Program is Value Added for Small Group and Individual Insurer
  5. Filling That Position May Not Be So Easy
  6. Keeping Current
  7. Business Development and the Hospital/Health System Call Center
  8. Doctors Develop Online Health Decision Support Tool
  9. The Medical Error Problem and What You Can Do
  10. Housepainting and Insurance Underwriting Provide Valuable Backdrop for Call Center Management
  1. Humor in Call Center Advertising 
  2. Herbal Medicine Update 
  3. It's a Much Changed Environment Since the Late 1990's, Argues Consultant
  4. This Community Hospital Physician Referral and Health Information Service Triples Call Volume in Three Years
  5. You've Got Just Thirty Days Until You Open for Business 
  6. Another Book by Lencioni May Contain Valuable Lessons for Call Center Managers
  7. Telephone Triage Still Needs to Improve the Basics 
  8. AutoFax Sounds Simple, But Can be Complicated 
  9. Talking to Asthma Callers about the Proper Way to Use Their Inhalers
  10. This Company Maintains Referral Service for Doctors, Plumbers, Day Care, Air 
    Conditioning Repair, Chimney Sweepers and Others
  11. Things are Changing in Group Practice Telephone Triage 
  12. Disease Management Still an Uphill Battle for Many Hospital/Health System Call Centers
  13. Florida Hospital Closes Ask-A-Nurse (R) Service Partially Because of Malpractice Crisis in State
  14. HMS Northwest Expands Focus
  1. Advocate Call Center Dramatically Reduces Turnover and Takes on New and 
    Exciting Projects as Well

  2. Moving Through SARS Calls 

  3. The Role the Call Center Can Play in a Hospital's Physician Relations Program

  4. Tying Your Call Center into a Health Observance or Recognition Event 

  5. Targeting Newcomers in Pennsylvania with Digital Thermometers and More 

  6. Helping Parents Spot the Signs of Childhood Depression 

  7. Clip Files and Health Fairs Make Life Interesting for this Call Center 

  8. The Children's Hospital in Denver's Call Center Keeps on Rolling 

  9. Giving the Caller the Option to be Recorded or Not and "Promise" Calls Too

  10. Serving the Spectrum of Need 

  11. Updating Insurance Can Take Some Time

  12. Call Center Conference Returns to Chicago

  1. Be Careful With Rash Judgments 
  2. Your Phone Number Is? 
  3. Direct Mail and More Attract Telephone Triage Nurses to this Call Center
  4. Call Center Fortunes on Rebound 
  5. Self Service Telephone Triages Moves Online 
  6. Five Year Old KU Med Call Center Does Manual Appointment Reminders and Accepts Recruitment Calls
  7. Medformation Morphs Through Changes 
  8. Promoting Physician Referral on the Web 
  9. New Study on Preventive Pediatric Health May Have Implications for Call Centers
  10. Separate Advertising for this Call Center's Clinical and Non-Clinical Functions
  11. Note From the Editor: Staying Put or Moving On-Changing the Scenery
  1. New Call Center Study Portrays Optimistic View of the Future 

  2. Direct mail and More Work Well to Promote Advice Nurses For SHPS

  3. Phones, Headsets and Choice 

  4. My Back Hurts 

  5. Scripps Advertising Strategy Keeps on Increasing Call Center Volume 

  6. Unusual Roots for this Community Nurse Advice and Triage Program

  7. The Alzheimer's Association: Answering the Call 

  8. Transitioning to Telephone Nursing

  1. Health Library and More Work Well for this Southeast Alabama Telephone Nursing Program

  2. Physician Choice from the Consumerís Perspective 

  3. Segmenting Promotion of Telephone Nursing by Path Groups 

  4. Separating Your Physician and Hospital Services Directory 

  5. Coactive Systems Corporation Purchased by First Consulting Group 

  6. More Survey Results from Call Center Study 

  7. Major Health Plan Discontinues Telephone Nurse Advice 

  8. Wellstar Builds Call Center Volume Without Mass Advertising 

  9. IntelliCare Moving Its Corporate Culture into New Acquisition 

  10. Gain Credibility Within, Provide Extraordinary Service and Hire Att!tude 

  11. Helping Newcomers on the New Hampshire Seacoast Find a Doctor 

  12. Telephone Triage and Care Management Outside of Service Area

  1. Language Line Rolls On With Expanded Offerings 

  2. Combining the Switchboard and the Call Center 

  3. Moving Through the Blackout 

  4. Solucient Promoting CRM More Aggressively 

  5. IBS, IBD Present Challenges for Telephone Triage 

  6. Calling Newly Discharged Patients a Key Task for This Specialty Call Center

  7. Proper Call Center Ergonomics is More Than Preventing Injuries

  8. Providing Telephone Triage Services for Internal Departments 

  9. Exit Interviews an Important Learning Opportunity for Call Center Managers

  10. Drop-ln Group Medical Appointments and Telephone Nurse Advice and Triage

  11. Note From the Editor: Customer Service Lessons are All Around Us

  1. Changing Call Center Dynamics 

  2. Letís Get Personal 

  3. Demand Increasing from Physicians for After-Hours Telephone Triage

  4. Handling Rude, Difficult and Off-Color Callers in a Non-Clinical Setting

  5. Doing Telephone Triage for Nursing Home Patients 

  6. Web/Call Center Connectivity Still Emerging 

  7. Baby Benefits Provides Telephone Nurse Advice to Pregnant Moms

  8. How Often Do People Go to the Doctor? 

  9. Tailoring Your Reports to Levels of Management 

  10. Multi-Disciplinary Effort Needed to Integrate Call Center and the Web

  11. Scheduling for Interstate Calls