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2002 Back Issues

  1. Sport Safety Calls for Conservative Advice
  2. Changing Strategies for Direct Mail-For Now
  3. Question and Answer: Reducing Call Center Costs
  4. Preparing Your Nurse Advice and Triage Program for Bioterrorism
  5. Incentives Help Get Abandonment Rate Down
  6. Feedback From Callers Can Help Access Competitive Value of Nurse Advice
  7. Customer Service Versus Call Times: A Balancing Act for Triage Programs
  8. Banner Health Looking to Formally Educate, Train Call Center Representatives to Take Web Questions
  9. Vomiting Call Can Take a Lot of Hand-Holding
  10. Board Formally Discourages LVN's From Doing Telephone Triage in Texas
  11. Functions as Pediatric Dentistry Referral Source and More
  12. Note From the Editor: Upcoming Conference
  13. The 14th National Conference of Physician Referral and Health Information Services
  1. Understanding Generational Diversity Key to Successful Nurse Advice and Triage Call
  2. Making That Physician Appointment for Your Caller Into an Easier Experience
  3. Date Rape, Body Piercing and Tattoos
  4. 1-800-DOCTORS Morphs Into New Vision
  5. Telephone Communications: Serving an Aging Population
  6. More Can Be Done By Call Centers, Argues Researcher
  7. Providing After-Hours Triage to Medicaid Patients
  8. Making Life Easier for Referring Physicians
  9. Mystery Shopping Provides Customer View of Call Center
  10. Talking to Caregivers-It May Be a More Complicated Call Than It Initially Seems
  11. New Company Started-One of Its Goals Is to Assist Healthcare Call Centers Through Internet Communications
  12. Pursuing a Graduate Degree, But Not in Nursing
  13. Call to Action Can Provide Powerful Call Center Justification
  14. The 14th National Conference of Physician Referral and Health Information Services
  1. From Four to 20-Integris Grows to Become One of The Nation's Largest Non-Clinical Health System Call Centers in the Country
  2. NCC Retools Telephone Nursing Practice Exam as Part of Natural Evolution
  3. Question and Answer: Impact of the Internet on Physician Referral and Call Volume
  4. Shared Governance the Model for Intellicare
  5. Enhancing Physician-to-Physician Referral and Consults Via the Web
  6. Recommending Zinc, One of Several "Natural" Cold Remedies
  7. Benchmarking Your Call Center Versus Similarly Situated Non-Healthcare Call Centers
  8. This Company Came to Physician Referral and Telephone Triage From the PPO World
  9. Hot Issues in Call Handling for Telephone Nurses
  10. Promoting Your Services While People Wait Can Pay Off Handsomely
  11. CD-ROM May Be a Viable Medium for Your Physician Directory
  12. Letter to the Editor
  13. The 14th National Conference of Physician Referral and Health Information Services
  1. Catching the Criminals, Helping People in Pain-Pain Killers After-Hours
  2. Re-Starting Referral Centers After the Break-Up
  3. New Study Indicates Noncompliance Problems with Certain Disposition Classifications
  4. Building Physician Referral Networks for the Uninsured
  5. National Marketing for Poison Control Centers
  6. Question and Answer: Referring to Female OB's
  7. FDA Could Soon Begin Looking at Telephone Triage Software
  8. The Hospital/Health System Physician Referral and Health Information Web Site: Does It Really Empower Consumers?
  9. Painting That Mental Picture Important for Telephone Triage Nurses
  10. Note From the Editor-Marketing Your Call Center to Churches, Synagogues and Other Religious Communities
  11. Making Telephone Triage More Active in Your Community
  12. Creating Employee Loyalty in the Outsource Arena-and To Whom
  13. Working With the State on Tobacco Quit Line
  14. The 14th National Conference of Physician Referral and Health Information Services
  1. New Research Touts Telephone Management of Urinary Tract Infections
  2. Location and Its Effect on the Call Center Staff
  3. Puerto Rico Telephone Triage Company Looks to Expand to the States
  4. Study Criticizes Completeness and Accuracy of Internet Physician Directories
  5. Moving Past the Denial
  6. What Can You Do, What Can't You Do for the Physician Referral Caller
  7. Telephone Nurse Selection Presents Special Considerations
  8. New Gatekeeper Study has Implication for Physician Referral
  9. Helping Triage Nurses Work From Home More Effectively
  10. Note From the Editor-Exceeding the Expectations of Your Callers
  11. The 14th National Conference of Physician Referral and Health Information Services
  1. Books to Consider That May Help Call Center Managers Motivate and Manage Their Staff
  2. The Telephone Lines are Down
  3. "Taking Credit" for Your Admissions Reconciliation
  4. This Stand-Alone Telephone Triage Company has found the Key to Success in Organizational Structure and Employee Relations
  5. Call Center Competency Standards for Managers are Here
  6. Healthcare Attorney Praises Telephone Triage, but Issues Some Important Cautions and Concerns
  7. Merging Physician Referral into Outpatient Diagnostic Scheduling
  8. Providing Nurse Advice and Triage to Mental Health/Developmentally Disabled Group Homes
  9. Informal Surveying Can Assist in settling Benchmarks
  10. Baby, Please Don't Cry
  11. This Medical Director is Thoroughly Involved in Pediatric Advice Line
  12. Medical Association Comes Out With Comprehensive Physician Referral on the Web
  1. Have You Met Your Delnor Doctor?
  2. Kaiser Call Centers in Northern California, Five Years Later
  3. Building a Surveying Element to Your Call Center
  4. New Study Surprises McKesson
  5. Visiting Referral Sources to Improve Physician-to-Physician Referrals
  6. Adding Door Hangers Pays Off for Resurrection Health Care
  7. Online Class Registration
  8. Going One-to-One With Your Written Communications to Callers
  9. Case Study-Lump on a Child
  10. Helping Women Learn the Facts About Heart Disease
  11. Note From the Editor: Telephone Nurse Advice and Triage to the General Public: One the Ropes or a Great Opportunity?
  12. Another Way to Look at Doctor Referral-Good Deeds
  13. WellComm and I-trax Health Management Solutions Merge
  1. "I Just Have a Quick Question"
  2. Children's Memorial Reformats Physician Directory to Mesh with Branding Campaign
  3. Community Service Telephone Triage Thrives as a Cooperative Venture
  4. The Bell Rings in This Philadelphia Call Center
  5. Using Nurse Advice and Triage as an Integral Part of Hospital Image Campaign
  6. Free Offers, If Done Right, Can Increase Physician Referral Requests
  7. Handling Worker's Compensation Calls Can Be a Challenge
  8. Helping Patients to Remember Their Appointments
  9. New Manual on Providing Telephone Care Issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics
  10. Northside Carves Niche for Referral Program in Atlanta
  11. Charging Other Departments for Your Services
  12. Using Physician Referral as a Physician Retention and Recruitment Strategy
  13. Note From the Editor-Internal Marketing Through Publications
  14. Using the Call Center to Score Testimonials That Further the Organization's Marketing Aims