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2001 Back Issues

  1. Call Center Competency Standards on Their Way
  2. New Study of the Physician Referral and Health Information Profession Released by Expert Knowledge Network
  3. Health Connections Releases New Web Product
  4. How a Consumer Defines AA Good Doctor@
  5. Note From the Editor: Expanding Your Tentacles or Focusing on Your Core Competencies?
  6. Getting Geared Up Again in Atlanta
  7. Question and Answer: Motivating Specialists to Provide Excellent Customer Service to Referring Physicians
  8. It's How Well You've Retained Patients That's Also Important in the Revenue Reconciliation Calculations
  1. Report Generation a Key Component of Today's Physician Referral and Health Information Service
  2. IntelliCare Expands Into Internet Call Center Connectivity
  3. Question and Answer: Listening in on a Physician-to-Physician Referral or Consult Call
  4. Former Referral Coordinator for Little Rock Hospital Now Has Her Own Referral and Information Business
  5. Another Component of the RFP Process, a Lasting Relationship
  1. Opportunity Is Still There to Court Men
  2. Detroit Medical Center Adds an Appointment Making Feature to the Physician Referral Part of Its Web Site
  3. Bringing the Marketing Team to the Call Center
  4. It's a Dilemma
  5. Laurus Health Continues to Gain Ground
  6. Recruiting New Employees From Within the Organization
  1. Creating Long-Term Goals for Your Referral and Health Information Program
  2. Physician Directories Becoming More Popular for Consumers
  3. Financial Pressures on Hospitals May Require A Changing View of the Call Center
  4. School Nurses Can Play an Important Role in the Physician Referral Process
  5. Hospitals are Investing Less in Call Center Technologies, Survey Says
  6. Building a Physician Profile Directory Online to Generate Leads
  7. Note From the Editor: It's the Language We Use That Shapes Attitudes and Reality
  1. Adding Patient Scheduling to the Call Center
  2. Bringing Customer Relationship Management to the Physician Referral and Health Information Call Center
  3. Training New Recruits is Quite Methodical at the Tenet Call Center
  4. Finding a Doctor on the Net Who Handles Varicose and Spider Veins
  5. The Importance of Reports to Doctors After a Merger
  6. Moving Between Healthcare and Non-Healthcare Call Centers
  7. Serving the Uninsured With Physician Referrals
  8. Note From the Editor: Sometimes It's Okay to Not Have Physician Choice
  1. Gender Increasingly Matters to Women Choosing an Ob/Gyn
  2. Star Trek Strikes Again
  3. Health Connections Merges With Coactive Systems Corporation
  4. CPM Expands Its Services to Include a Core Communications Program
  5. Regional Physician Referral Makes Sense in Southeastern South Carolina
  6. Taking a Break
  7. This Association Created a Dental Referral Program as a Public Service
  8. Emory HealthConnections is Expanding Its Reach
  9. Information on the Fall Contemporary Forum's Telephone Triage Conference
  1. Physician-to-Physician Referral and Consult on the Islands
  2. The Conversation Goes On and On and On
  3. Moving the Call Center Can Be Quite an Effort
  4. From Hospital Bed to Oil and Gas Exploration to Physician Referral
  5. Annexio Aims at the Healthcare Call Center Industry
  6. The Internet Can Affect Physician Choice
  7. Judging How Far Prospective Employees Will Go for Customer Service
  8. Question and Answer: Percentage of Call Centers That Outsource
  9. Note From the Editor: Anecdotal Evidence of a Change in Physician Referral Advertising
  1. Southern California Hospital Takes Advantage of a Major Medical Group Bankruptcy with Hard Hitting Referral Campaign
  2. HIPPA Clarifies What You Can Mail to Consumers Under What Conditions
  3. AQuality Seal@ Rankings Could be Coming to Your Community's Doctors
  4. The Tenet Call Center is Now Offering Its Services to Non Tenet Hospitals
  5. New Developments in Advertising Specialties include the All Terrain Magnet and Digital Thermometer
  6. Providing an Additional Level of Service to Referring Physicians
  7. More In-depth Calls May Be in Your Future
  8. Physician Referral Conference Moves to Atlanta for 2002
  1. Referral Advertising Campaign Has a 1,000 Percent Return on Investment
  2. New Survey Details Top Reasons Consumers Select a Primary Care Physician
  3. A Different Talent Required for Handling Physician-to-Physician Consult and Referral Calls
  4. Collecting Demographic Information From Your Physician Referral Web Site
  5. New Study Gauges Opinions on Improving Access
  6. And There is Physician Referral on the Net in India Too
  7. Providing More Than a Physician Referral
  8. Placemats May Be a Viable Advertising Medium for Physician Referral and Health Information Call Centers
  9. With This Application, You Can Have Instant Call Time Feedback