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2000 Back Issues

  1. Technology Will Take Nurse Advice and Triage Call Centers to Next Level of Service
  2. Telephone Nurses Can Work for Pharmaceutical Companies Too
  3. Collecting, Storing Breast Milk Prompts Questions From Mothers
  4. Lawyer Says Nurses Must Get Tough When Dealing With Urgent Calls
  5. Pediatric Congestion: A Case Study
  6. Set Limits to Cope With Difficult Callers
  1. Handling That Adult Asthma Caller Can Be Tricky
  2. Certification Exam Being Prepared for Telephone Triage Nurses
  3. Training Goals, Preceptor Roles Must Work Together
  4. Determine Who Can Do What to Avoid Problems in Physician Offices, Other Settings
  5. Making Up the $3 is Key to This After-Hours Program’s Success
  6. Study Leader is Skeptical of Protocols’ Impact on Telephone Triage Quality
  7. Major Call Center Conference Coming This June
  1. Don’t Panic! Callers With Anxiety Disorders Seeking Reassurance, Resources
  2. Successful Pediatric Call Center Requires Simultaneous Triage, Clinical Employment
  3. Follow-Up and Outbound Calling -- Two Ways to Extend Your Services
  4. Changing the Language We Use About Breast Cancer
  5. Telephone Nursing Can Be a Valuable Component of CHF Management Program
  6. Internet to Enhance Patient Information, Cut Costs
  1. Fear, Uncertainty and Knowledge Acquisition -- Handling Cancer Advice Calls Can Be Challenging
  2. What More Can You Do for Your Caller?
  3. “Off-the-Cuff” Advice is Out-of-Bounds for Triage Nurses
  4. Kaiser Permanente Begins Nurse Advice Online for Members Only
  5. Combining After-Hours Triage With Emergency Care
  6. Handle Multi-Symptom Over-the-Counter Remedies With Care
  1. Answering HIV/AIDS Questions -- Which Ones to Answer and Which Ones to Refer
  2. Salary Levels for Triage Nurses Lag Those of Floor Nurses
  3. New California Law Will Impact Telephone Nursing Services
  4. Teenage Sex Calls: Case Study Highlights Sensitive Issues
  5. Meeting the Needs of Spanish Speaking Clients in the Telephone Triage Setting
  6. Callers Respond to News Stories
  1. Experienced Nurse-Midwife Suggests: Triage Programs Should Ask Every Caller About Use of Herbal Remedies
  2. Most Ear Calls Are Pediatric
  3. Call Centers Measure Quality
  4. Teaching in the School
  5. Handling Epilepsy Questions Requires Quick Thinking
  6. Is It Cyberchondria, Or Just Human Nature? Internet May increase Frequency of Hypochrondria
  1. Reducing Callback Times During Flu Season
  2. When Callers Get Hurt at Home
  3. This Nurse Advice and Triage Service Plays an Important Role in Stop Smoking Program
  4. Changing from “Telephone” to “Telehealth” to Describe AAACN Special Interest Group
  5. Can You Read This? Many Patients Can’t
  6. Letters to the Editor -- Regarding May Salary Story
  1. Jamming on the Midnight Shift
  2. Working With Depressed Callers
  3. A Glaring Problem
  4. Handling Calls From Worried Parents About Bed-wetting
  5. Managing Your Vendor Relationships
  6. Partnering With a Volunteer Center Helps Callers Meet Their Needs
  1. Nurse Advice and Triage Program Thrives in Alaska
  2. Barbecue and Balloons: Lessons From Other Industries
  3. What If They Don’t Call
  4. Case Study Fever -- Making Sure It’s 106
  5. Are You Sure You Want Media Coverage for Your Nurse Advice and Triage Service
  6. From Reporter to Concerned Spouse
  1. Is it the Flu? Should I Come in Now and Get Checked and Get My Antibiotic?
  2. Get A Pencil: What To Tell Patients to Write Down
  3. Personal Rerflection About the Ecopnomics Surrounding the Nurse Advice and Triage Profession
  4. Differences in Symptoms for Heart Attack Between Men and Women Need to be Taken Into Account
  5. Calling Your Own Nurse Advice and Triage Call center
  6. Triaging Employee Exposure to HIV.AIDS
  1. Getting Callers to Comply
  2. Telephone Triage on College Campuses
  3. Yellow Jackets and Bee Stings Are an Unwelcome By-Product of Warmer Weather
  4. Should You Add an Answering Service to Your After-Hours Triage Program to Achieve Fiscal Stability?
  5. Delivering Oncology Nurse Advice for a Fee 6. Letter to the Editor
  1. Cleveland Clinic's Nurse On Call Plays an Important Role in Asthma Disease Management Program
  2. Case Study -- It's All About the Abdomen
  3. Ruling Out Consistent Organizational Policy for Telephone Nurse Advice and Triage
  4. Calls About Seniors From Their Adult Children
  5. Cold In All Its Forms
  6. Calling Back the Callers