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1999 Back Issues

  1. Telephone Triage Nursing Achieves Transformation
  2. Progress Being Made Slowly on Interstate Compact for Mutual Recognition of Nurses
  3. Experienced Nurses Recommend Talking Directly to Pediatric Patients
  4. Emergency Medical Dispatch Provides Telephone Triage Lessons
  5. Awareness of Cultural Differences Can Improve Telephone Interaction
  6. Meeting the Challenge of Triage for the Medicaid Population
  1. Recruiting More Than 600 Triage Nurses Can Be a Challenge
  2. Telephone Nurse Advice and Triage is Affecting the Practice of Primary Care
  3. Potential Child Molestation Calls Must Be Handled Gingerly
  4. Coaching is Focus of Health Dialogues Call Center
  5. How Much Perfection Do We Want?
  6. Telephone Triage Job Qualifications and Training: Past, Present and Future
  7. It’s Not Just Insects and Dogs and Cats
  8. Call Center Conference Coming This June
  1. Formal Call Centers May Be Asked to Help Develop Documentation for Colleagues in Informal Settings
  2. Decision-Making Skills Honed by Experience
  3. Primary Care Nurses a Good Fit for Triage Calls
  4. Cold Calls: Winter Weather Boosts Volume
  5. The Entrepreneurial Urge Hits
  6. Patient Education Effectiveness: How Measurable in Telephone Triage?
  7. Contemporary Forums Starts CE Program for Telephone Triage Based on Tapes
  8. HealthManagement Link Works to Understand and Increase Call Volume From Managed Care Members
  1. Be Careful When Talking to Callers About Herbal Medicines and Remedies
  2. Sprains, Strains Spur Sports Callers
  3. Telephone Triage: A Practice in Search of Standards; Part I
  4. Triage and Advice for Brain Tumors a Highly Specialized Field
  5. Parkland Recruiting Aims at Finding the Right Mix of Triage Nursing Skills
  1. Pediatric Asthma Calls Can Be Problematic
  2. New Delaware Rules Require Telephone Access
  3. Duluth Program Meets Needs of the North Woods
  4. Question and Answer: The Paper Trail
  5. Telephone Triage: A Practice in Search of Standards; Part II
  6. Pennsylvania Rulings Expand HMO Liability, Require Pennsylvania License for Triage Nurses
  1. 24-Hour ‘Empowerment Line’ Meets Aetna’s Managed Care Needs
  2. Strategies Can Help Prevent Triage Program Cuts
  3. Suggested Elements of Hospital Call Center Revenue Reconciliation
  4. Closing the Care Loop
  5. Surveys Measure Triage Benefits, Caller Characteristics, Physician Fees and After-Hours Satisfaction
  6. AAACN Working Hard on Telephone Nursing practice Core Course
  1. Proving the Financial Value of Nurse Advice and Triage Can Be Tough
  2. Fall Changes and Children’s Complaints
  3. New Options Make Call Center Layouts More Flexible
  4. Nurse Triage Programs Must Err on Side of Caution Every Time, Argues Prominent Georgia Attorney
  5. Translation Services Can Aid Telephone Nurses in Their Triage Duties With Non-English Speaking Individuals
  6. How Ready Is Your Organization for Change?
  1. Rise in Congestive Heart Failure Leads to Calls for Information
  2. Examining Liability From the Physician’s Point of View
  3. Triage Nurse Works at Home Two and a Half Hours Away From the Office
  4. Community Call Center Lives in the Community
  5. Strategies to Prevent Your Callers From Falling Through the Cracks
  6. Video Conferencing Study Connects Families to NICU and Tests Application for Education Communication
  1. Satisfying the Caller When You Don’t Have the Answer Can Be a Challenge
  2. On Call Associates Meets the Needs of Women, Children and Their Physicians
  3. Dogs, Cats and Other Critters Prompt Calls About Animals Bites
  4. The Tact You Take Is Key to Getting the Caller to Do What You Want
  5. Helping the Migraine Caller
  6. Changing Physician Practice Triage Requires Perseverance
  1. Telephone Management of Urinary Tract Infections Can Improve Patient Satisfaction and Is Safe and Cost Effective, Study Maintains
  2. Internet Hoaxes Often Focus on Healthcare Issues
  3. Listening, Really Listening to the Caller, Is the Foundation for Everything You Do
  4. Access to 24-Hour Nurse Advice Hotline a Key Benefit for Bowlers in Affinity Program
  5. What Happens After the Fall
  6. Nurses Share Tales of Telephone Triage
  1. Spotting Adolescent Substance Abuse
  2. These are Tough Financial Times for Many Children’s After-Hours Triage Services
  3. Pennsylvania Physicians Seek Further Scrutiny of Triage Licensing Issues
  4. American Accreditation Healthcare Commission/URAC Revises Triage Standards and Selects New Name
  5. Authors Discuss Rewards and Demands Tied to Writing Your Own Nursing Guidelines
  6. Minimally Invasive Techniques Now Available
  1. Y2K Callers Could Ask for Wide Variety of Health Information
  2. Controversy Erupts in Colorado When Kaiser Switches Emergency Calls Away from Triage Nurses to Non-Clinical Personnel
  3. Attorney Advises Nurses on Minimizing Telephone Triage Risk
  4. Creating a Video to Use in Marketing Your After-Hours Triage Service
  5. Public Trust in Nurses Bodes Well for Nurse Advice and Triage Professionals
  6. OTC Quick Look Formulary Cards -- Working Smarter
  7. Web Ratings Help Separate the Good, the Bad and the Unscrupulous Healthcare Sites