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1998 Back Issues

  1. Physician Referral and Health Information Web Sites: Community Service or Business Builder Or Both?
  2. Dental Emergency Fund Established as a Result of Call Center Feedback
  3. Taking all the Phone Calls for Physician Practice Results in Better Scheduling and Less Hassle for Office Staffs
  4. No Need to Approach Every Newcomer
  5. Digital Photography Makes Its Mark
  6. Physician Referral Becomes a Key Part of Marketing Huge Group Practice
  7. New Publication Devoted Solely to Nurse Advice and Triage Debuts
  8. Creating an Efficient Specialist Referral Process Pays Dividends
  9. Multi-Media Merges With the Potomac Group
  10. New Laminating Process Improves Health Information Dissemination Effort
  1. Salaries Are Steadily Rising in Call Centers
  2. National Health Acquired by HBO & Company
  3. Call Center Plays an Important Role With Medicaid Moms
  4. Bringing a Physician With You When Selling After-Hours Triage Pays Off in Colorado
  5. New Company Plans to Create Comprehensive, National Physician Referral Directory
  6. Reaching Those Who Don’t Want to Be Reached
  7. You Should Have Little to Fear From 900 Numbers
  8. Publications Strategy Takes Advantage of Referral Center Database
  9. Now You Can Just Talk and the Computer Records It
  1. Pack Information Into Business Plan, But Keep Its Length Manageable
  2. Call Center Adds Air Rescue Function to Its Mix of Activities
  3. Melding Physician Answering Service With Nurse Triage Capabilities
  4. Radio Show Creates Visibility for Baystate’s Physician Referral and Health Information Center
  5. Move Callers to Their Destination as Quick as Possible
  6. Catching Up When You Enter Late
  7. Dental Referral Company Acquires TenderCare
  8. Pre-owned Work Stations May Make Some Sense
  9. Medical Television Show Drives Physician Referral
  10. Note From the Editor -- Editorial Advisory Board Formed
  1. Targeting Your Physician Referral Advertising
  2. Disease Management in the Call Center
  3. Justifying Your Existence in Today’s New Marketplace
  4. Contracting With Managed Care for Nurse Triage and Other Services
  5. Look to Your Market and Dominant Customers to Decide the Strategic Role of Your Call Center
  6. This Society Can Help You Choose the Right Health Risk Appraisal for Your Needs
  7. Making Progress on the Information Highway
  8. Prepare Yourself Now for Capitated Business
  9. Working on the Insurance Update Problem Takes Time
  1. Using Physician Referral to Stake a Reputation 2. ERS Purchases Columbia Call Center
  2. Writing a “Request For Proposal”
  3. New Kaiser Study Shows Members More Satisfied When They Choose Their Own Doctors
  4. Behavioral Health is an Important Component of Samaritan Call Center
  5. Survey Shows Consumers Changing Doctors Less Often
  6. A New Century, A New Software Challenge
  7. More Promotional Product Ideas That May Give You an Edge
  8. I Had a Problem.....
  1. Communicating the Strength of Your Primary Care Network
  2. It Can Be Quite a Challenge to Find Call Center Managers
  3. Call Center Can Be Key, but Just One Part of Compliance Management
  4. Serving as an “Internal Switchboard” Pays Dividends
  5. Motivating Your Staff
  6. Making Sure Every New Mother Has a Doctor for Their Child
  7. Physician Directories Make Their Mark
  8. Medicaid Referral Program Expands Focus
  9. Eye Care Health Plan Puts Doctor Referral Information Online
  10. Physicians and Patients Often See Alike in Gauging Difficulty of Referral to Specialists
  1. Convincing Physicians of the Worth of the Physician Referral and Health Information Call Center
  2. Getting Physician Offices to Respond
  3. ERS Joins Together With MedAmerica to Offer Nurse Advice and Triage
  4. Is It Time for Your Legal Check Up?
  5. What Consumers Want to Know From an On-Hold Messaging System
  6. Average Length of Call Can Vary
  7. Don’t Put Everything on Your Internet Site
  8. Best Doctors of America Zooms Forward
  9. Contemporary Forum’s Nurse Advice and Triage Conferences Coming Right Up
  1. Centralizing Switchboard in Call Center Can Be a Complicated Task
  2. Maintaining Visibility for Your Call Center Year Round
  3. The Medical Connection Purchased by American Medical Pathway, Inc.
  4. The Power of a Simple Magnet
  5. Urgent Care Callbacks Build Goodwill
  6. This Company Aims at Serving Small and Medium Hospitals With its Referral Software
  7. Note From the Editor -- Reflections on Physician Referral
  8. America’s Health Network Can Play a Dual Role With Physician Referral and Health Information Call Centers
  9. 1999 National Conference of Physician Referral and Health Information Services Scheduled for Orlando
  1. Integrated Customer Information Center May Be Next Generation of Call Center
  2. Gaining the Attention of Referring Physicians
  3. Resourcefulness, Articulation and “Personal Happiness” Key Ingredients for a Successful Call Center Staff
  4. Another Outsource Company Gets Rolling
  5. Questions and Answers -- Promoting Physicians
  6. ERS Changes Name to BERYL and Expands Focus
  7. Spreading Access to Physician-to-Physician Consults and Referral Throughout the Hospital
  8. More Results From the Healthwise Communities Project
  9. This Web Site Advertising Campaign Touts Physician Referral and Health Information Capabilities
  10. Question and Answer -- Record Keeping
  1. Mystery Shopping Your Call Center
  2. National Cancer Health Information Line Under Fire by Inspector General
  3. Speeding up The Time It Takes to Process a Call
  4. Making Appointments for Physicians: Be Creative!
  5. Consumers Learning More About Disciplined Physicians
  6. The Call Center Can Be a Valuable Part of the Planning Process for New Classes
  7. Providing Member Services and Precertification to Managed Care
  8. Note From the Editor -- Conference Thoughts
  9. Just in at Press Time -- HBO & Co. Acquires Access Health
  1. Newspaper Advertising Helps Create Successful Health Information Mall Store for Baptist
  2. The Nurse’s Station Acquired by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation
  3. Changing Your Posture and Other Steps for Ergonomic Health
  4. New Health Information Product on the Internet Can Hook into Referral Centers
  5. What Percent of the Population Sees What Kind of Doctor and Why It Should Matter to You
  6. A Coaster Helps Referring Physician Offices Find Your Phone Number Quick
  7. Job Descriptions Can Be a Strong Gauge of Performance If Used Wisely
  8. Call Center Expands into Emergency Notification
  9. But Don’t You Know What We Do in the Call Center?
  10. High Risk Intervention Can Extend Call Center’s Role to Promote Health
  1. South Miami Hospital Spearheads Successful Podiatric Referral Push
  2. One to One Relationship Marketing May Be In Your Future
  3. Quality of Calls Not Quantity the Key to a Functional Call Center Workplace
  4. Upward Mobility Important for Call Centers to Address
  5. Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products for Your Referral Center
  6. Maintaining a Physician to Physician Referral Process Through an Intranet Application
  7. Just Music for Your Callers On-Hold
  8. Using an Automated Attendant Can Help Keep Disease Management Telemonitoring Unbiased